28 December 2011

"the deer that goes aw"

when jenn and i were in the 8th grade, 
we were really strange.
we used to find humor in the most bizarre things.
but it made us "us".
(newsflash: we're still strange.)
anyway, one time, we were at a restaurant
in college station, tx.
i think it was a barbecue place.
anyway, there was a deer head mounted on the wall,
which is super common here in the lone star state.
this deer happened to slightly have his/her mouth open.
so we dubbed him/her, "the deer that goes aw!!"
we talked about it for years. it died down though.
please notice my scarf!!! thank you, santa claus!

top: anthro
pants: madewell
boots: nine west

scarf: madewell
(not online. tim, i mean santa, bought it in store.)

jenn, i hope this made you laugh.
i'll always think of you when i wear my "deer that goes aw" scarf.

leah vee

mirror mirror

look what i gifted to myself:
say au revoir to the $5 broken wally world mirro.
i'm still playing around with the location of it, but for now, I feel pretty high class...in a self-photo-blogger-way, if you get my drift.
by the way, yes...it is my first time publicly to only wear leggings and i'm really digging the comfort level right now.
despite the fact the friend i went to lunch with gave me a hard time about being pants-less.
thoughts on public legging wear?
top: buffalo exchange
tank/leggings/boot socks: target
boots: dillard

26 December 2011

snow bunny

Like Leah, my husband and I took a couple days of vacation to Ruidoso, New Mexico for some skiing and fun in the snow. The weather was amazing and it snowed every day we were there. My husband has been taking trips to Ruidoso to his family's cabin since he was a little boy, so it was fun to share memories with him.
top row: morning we arrived, hanging out downtown, daybreak one morning
middle: cabin, baby deer *look close*
bottom: massive dagger icesicle, tasty 21+ hot chocolate, on the way up the mountain in a gondola
Hoping everyone had a Happy Holiday!

24 December 2011

Salida, Colorado

Tim and I recently returned from our Colorado vacation.
it was so beautiful.
we went with my parents - it was a great time.
we ate chicken fried steak, drank local beer and bought a rug.
also, it was Tim's first time skiing, he did great!
enjoy some pictures.


Merry Christmas Eve...
from 11,960 ft!

leah vee

20 December 2011

keeping the legs warm

I love this dress. I've worn it a million times since I got it last year but could only seem to find one other picture of it. Oh well!
In case you haven't noticed, I am in love with tall socks and now...introducing...LEGWARMERS!
Yeah for winterizing an outfit, because it is cold here y'all.
P.S. Where all my winter bloggers out there? I never see any snow on the ground in any of the other style/fashion blogs I read! I need some people who can sympathize with winter dress!
In other news, check me out at Cute and Little's 50th color brigade post! You can vote for my outfit for the next 6 days!

dress/shirt: j.crew
leggings: forever 21
legwarmers: target
shoes: target

Giveaway announcement

Last week we did a giveaway from Shabby Apple for our 1 year anni! 

And the winner is.......

Please Email (boyhowdydaily [at] gmail.com) us your 
name, size, address, and phone number.

Congrats Candace!!

Thanks again for a great first year!

19 December 2011

too cold, too cold

Name the title of the 90's song that I named this post after.
We're in the middle of having a blizzard...praying school doesn't get cancelled tomorrow since we are about to go on break Thursday for two weeks. I wore this outfit one day last week before it got mega cold outside. This is another top I can't wait to wear over and over again!

sweater/top/tank: target
jeggings: madewell
boots: dillards

16 December 2011

leah's anni post


it's hard to believe Boy Howdy Daily is 1 year old!
when you know you have to blog your outfit, it changes a lot of things.
you care more.
you think more.
and in my case, you purchase more thoughtfully.
i don't shop just to shop.
i have to really love the item and it has to go with existing clothes i own.
BHD has such a positive impact on how i feel about myself.
to me, your outfit reflects to the outside world how your soul feels.
you should always feel good about yourself, don't you think?
so that means, dress the part!
every single day.

 blazer: j.crew outlet
scarf: nordstrom
jeans: madewell
shoes: sperry's
(only in TX could you wear a wool blazer
and sperry's one week before Christmas.)

 i love that jenn, lyd and i are on the same wavelength...
this is fun for us.
we aren't here to be the next big blogger(s).
we are just here, doing our thing.
we are living our lives and sharing our outfits with you, dear friends.
and we are going to keep doing it the same BHD way.
sweet, simple and us.

leah vee

14 December 2011

Over the last year...

Happy Anni BHD!
Over the last year, I feel like BHD has helped my dress for my body and wallet. 
I see outfits that my counterparts do and that I have done, and I find inspiration from that.

My favorite thing about BHD, is that I feel like I see my friends everyday even though they live 4-8 hours away. Seeing what they wear everyday makes me feel like we are just around the corner from each other. 

 I can't wait for another year!

Thanks for reading!

PS Don't for get the GIVEAWAY

11 December 2011

Lyd's Anni Post

Happy Blogiversary to BHD! We are each picking a couple of our favorite outfits over the course of the year. Not going to lie, this was super tough and I am sure I left out some of my favs. For me, this blog has been about more than just the clothes. It has served as an outlet, a style diary (not that I am claiming to have style), style file, and a way of seeing how I have changed over the course of the year, blogging right through the good and the bad.
It has been so fun and I never thought I would see it grow in the way it has. Blogging about what I wear has caused me to become more budget-conscious, motivated me to put a decent outfit on in the mornings, and allowed me to evaluate clothing in a way I did not before I started blogging. Looking forward to more years at Boy Howdy Daily...

[new found love for lace/chambray]
{first time pattern mixing. gingham shirt love}
[new ways to wear a scarf]

(one of my first blog outfits)
And of course today's outfit...comes along with a funny story:
Student 1: You look like you should be playing the piano.
Student 2: ...in a church...
Student 1: Let's buy her one of those little pianos.
Student 2: Now all she needs is a Bible and she'll be complete.
[This conversation is happening in front a of a class. While I'm teaching. And I just pause to listen and think in my head, "Oh...I'll have to blog this conversation later."]

dress: modcloth
tights: forever 21
socks: modcloth
boots: dillards

1 Year Anni!!!!

On this day one year ago, 3 Texas girls started a little fashion blog. 
On this day this year, we are celebrating!
As a thank YOU for reading and commenting, we are hosting a giveaway.

Shabby Apple is giving away the Andes Skirt. 
Shabby Apple is an online boutique for women's skirts, dresses, and other fabulous items! 

We love this skirt because it is so classic and chic. 
Definitely easy to wear it to the office or out on the town. 

To enter: 
1. Visit Shabby Apple
2. Leave a comment below on how you would style the skirt by Friday, December 16, 2011 at 11:59pm
3. "Like" Shappy Apple on Facebook.

easy as pie.

good luck.

Be sure to read this week as we will be doing something special in honor of our first anni!

We love y'all!

Leah, Lydia, and Jenn

09 December 2011

a birthday story

Wow. I am so lucky. Let me tell you a story...
I teach in a school where over 90% of the 900+ students are living in poverty. Each year on my birthday (and even NOT on my birthday), my kids do amazing things that are beyond generous. Here is a story.
I get to work and every morning on the announcements the principal reads something called "the play of the day." The students write handwritten notes to her explaining why a teacher deserves the play of the day and you get a little football you keep in your room for the day.
So, I'm doing my morning routine, taking attendance and whatnot--and she starts talking about how normally when she gets a play of the day she puts it on the bottom of the stack and reads the oldest first, etc. Well, then she talks about how a group of girls approached her with a play of the day she HAD to read and since it was this teacher's birthday...
and this is what she read:
"I think that Mrs. " " should get play of the day because she's nice to us, makes us laugh, cares for us, never yells at us, and she always dresses super nice everyday...she's the prettiest teacher as well!! That's why all of her students love her! Happy Birthday Mrs. ""

Y'all. Seriously. I love my job and these kids. I may or may not have shed a tear hearing that. But wait...there's more.
The choir came in my room and sang me happy birthday during a class.
I had a huge group of kids sing me happy birthday during a student-faculty basketball game.
Every class sang me happy birthday and tons of kids wrote me insanely sweet notes.
One of my student's moms baked me a FLAN HELLO KITTY CAKE.
And in that bag? One of my student's moms KNITTED ME A SCARF. KNITTED IT HERSELF.
My dad sends me flowers every year, but I still get surprised when I see them.
And of course I got tons of phone calls, texts, and messages from friends and family.
What an awesome birthday. I am super blessed.

07 December 2011

i want to live in this sweater.

striped top: banana republic
(recent purchase in store, not online)
jeans: madewell


boots: aldo

i love this sweater. it is comfortable yet fashionable.
such a rare find.
these banana gems were from my first ever black friday shopping.
i feel i did good.

leah vee