31 May 2011

the deal, pickles.

Here's the deal peeps. It almost vintage June. I don't know what Amarillo, Texas has in store as far as thrift stores, but I'm about to find out.
Wish me luck.

chambray shirt: j.crew
top: gap
skirt: express
necklace: j.crew
shoes: loft


dress: rachel roy (Macys)
sandals: target

necklace: handmade
who walks into Macys for facewash and leaves with 2 dresses and pair of pants? 
this girl. 
who else saw hangover 2?
pretty funny.
so yes, i couldn't agree more with leah--we need one more day off (or maybe the rest of the week)

so, it is the end of may...
have y'all looked at what we are doing in june? 
check out the upcoming events page and join in. 
leave us a comment if you are going to participate with us. 
it should be fun.

one more day?

pretty please?
one more day....
to sleep in.
to grill.
to lay by the pool.
to have a canned champagne or two.
ok, so no?
back to work we go.

dress: H&M
(mine is navy, available in store)



i hope your memorial day wknd was great!

leah vee

30 May 2011

summer loving

The regular school year is over for me and summer school starts on Tuesday. I am always excited to do something different than what I do during the regular year! I wanted to share some of these pretties I have been eying lately.

Michael Kors Watch (pic courtesy of Joy B :-))
I loveee this blazer, but unless the price comes down I might have to settle for the shirt. What would you do, splurge or settle for less?

27 May 2011

these pumps are made for walkin'

jeans: banana republic

belt: H&M

shoes: michael kors

these are my new kicks.
aren't they hot?
literally, they are comfortable.
how is that possible?
it's all in the air padding my friends.
and the sturdy platform. these shoes are heaven.
(i got them at dsw, but i'm unable to find them online.
they should be in stores right now.)

it's FRIDEY!
happy memorial day weekend to you!
grill, lay out by the pool and delight
in champagne in a can.
that's what i'm going to do anyway...

leah vee

26 May 2011

shirt: target
belt: target
pants: gap (similar)
shoes: dsw

my bathroom has a very yellow light in it, 
these are the true colors of the shirt and belt.

on another note, i ordered some stuff from lands end canvas last week.
Yesterday, I received this card.
I was kinda blown away. 
What good business.

I'm in the mood for some frank sinatra.
so, let's do this pandora. 

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25 May 2011

how do you polo?

I am a big fan of the polo. Today one of the kids said to me, "Miss, you ain't rockin' the polo." What I should have said back to him was "Ok...show me how to rock it!"
How do you wear your polo?

polo: ralph lauren store
jeans: express
shoes: macys
gotta love the sweet retro tile job.
so i'm a little wrinkled. look past it...and see my cute necklace!

the day after a tornader outfit

we had some interesting weather last night.
everything is fine but it was a bit 
touch and go for a while there...
hope everyone in DFW is okay!

top: target
cardi: H&M
skirt: target

belt: j.crew

shoes: nine west

2 down, 3'ish to go.
days that is.
(that felt very gomer pyle, no?)

leah vee

24 May 2011

days are numbered


shoes: target
pants: j.crew
top: madewell
earrings: forever 21

2.5 more days of regular school...I have 2 jean passes left and can wear jeans on Friday. You do the math on that one. :-)
shirt: target
skirt: gap
shoes: bandolino

last night i stayed up watching the first season of glee. 
i love to watch singing and dancing. 
love it. 

i wish we all busted out in song and dance sometimes. 
the world would be happier.

stripe on stripe

i like a stripe doubler.
doubler meaning double.
do the math people
stripes on stripes.
i keed, i keed.

top: H&M
dress: gap

necklace: gifted, j.crew

shoes: sam edelman

i got some FAB new shoes this weekend.
i will attempt to wear them to work at 
some point during the week...
they are actually quite comfortable for
4 inch pumps. literally, they have this
padding/air thing going on at the platform
of the shoe. it's amazing! amazing i tell you!
just wait and see. 

leah vee

23 May 2011

teach by week to cowboy chic

I always find it interesting to see how bloggers live their lives outside of blogging. For me, I grew up in Dallas but moved to West Texas in college and have lived here almost ever since.
It was a major change of pace at first, but I've grown accustomed to and love the lifestyle here.
This weekend my husband and I went to see our lovely friends Kelley and Tyler and help with their annual branding.
So...by week I look like this.
[teacher clothes]
top: j.crew tissue
jeans: j.crew matchstick
shoes: loft
necklace: target
bracelets: chico's and gifted

[this weekend: cowboy chic]


21 May 2011

shirt: gap
skirt: gap
belt: wet seal

shoes: miss me

tonight i went and saw the avett brothers
they were very good

19 May 2011

the heights

dress: urban outfitters
sweater: urban outfitters
shoes: steve madden

tonight 2 of my nursing school buds and i are going to happy hour after work. 
We are meeting down in the Heights, which is a really cool part of Houston.
I'm excited to chat it up with my nurses (one is an ICU nurse and the other is an ER nurse, very smart ladies).
happy Thursday!

4 eyes

top: zara
skirt: zara

necklace: anthropologie

belt: H&M

my eyes needed a break away
from the 'ol contacts.
i don't think i ever want to get lasik
because i love my glasses that much.
that's kind of dumb though.
i could get lasik and still wear 
non-prescription glasses right?
a la taza?
ok, i've changed my own mind.

leah vee