19 May 2011

4 eyes

top: zara
skirt: zara

necklace: anthropologie

belt: H&M

my eyes needed a break away
from the 'ol contacts.
i don't think i ever want to get lasik
because i love my glasses that much.
that's kind of dumb though.
i could get lasik and still wear 
non-prescription glasses right?
a la taza?
ok, i've changed my own mind.

leah vee


  1. I adore that heart necklace. It is too cute!!!

    I wear contacts, but on occasion I'll wear my glasses (usually before bed). My plan is to get laser eye surgery later this year. I just bought a pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses in Feb. and got sad at the thought that I couldn't wear them again, but then I thought I should just get non-prescription frames put in so I didn't have to waste a lot of money. You could totally do that too!! :)

  2. haha. Women are famous on changing their own minds too quickly. And we are definitely part of the women race. I absolutely love the belt, eh.

    Cathy@digitizing service