28 February 2011

A Few Things

I didn't post yesterday because I was bogged down from going out of town over the weekend.
Looks like Leah and I both needed a getaway...just not together. Sad face.
I liked my outfit so much I thought I'd do a double post. Gotta love the buffalo check!
Ignore my face. Just look at the outfit.
All j.crew-shoes-gap. belt-madewell

today's outfit:
hello fingers. you need a manicure.
This was an awkward moment. A coworker, who could very well be reading this blog right now totally saw me in an awkward, cheesy moment of having my picture taken. It was so awkward I couldn't cover it up. So awkward (have I said it was awkward?) in fact, I couldn't get Lesley to keep the camera still to take a pic, and this is the best I got. I actually think it was this exact moment he saw me getting my picture taken. So now, the co-worker knows about the blog. He's using it as leverage against me. In a funny...but not so funny way.
I've read about it on several other blogs and I must ask-When IS the right time to come out of the blogging closet?
shoes: target
dress/top: j.crew

been a while

top: target
pants: gifted, gap

necklace: madewell

boots: aldo

i have been absent on the blog over
the last few days. we went out of town.
i didn't really wear anything to brag about.
i spared you.
trust me.
hope you had a great weekend!

leah vee
top: jcrew
pants: nordstroms
shoes: bakers

did everyone have a great weekend? it was hard to believe it was already monday when i woke up this morning. 

cheers to monday


26 February 2011

Double Dose

I flew into Dallas yesterday. Last night, I rode the light rail downtown with a friend and we met up with another friend and had a great time. I needed a quick OOTD pic, so in the middle of the bar she snapped one for me. I look horrible at this point, because I'd already been to work, flown to Dallas, been on the rail, and been at the bar for a couple hours. It's actually a maxi dress and I threw a top over it. I'm really into that sort of thing these days.



dress: macy's
top: gap
shoes: target

This morning, I made a quick trip to my favorite j.crew outlet store. Some people hate on the j.crew outlet for the quality, etc. I've never had a problem and the two personal shoppers who always help me there are absolutely awesome. I loaded up on some great spring threads, which I am sure you will see in coming weeks!

(top and shorts are both j.crew-shoes:toms)
This is actually what I wore to the store. It was kind of funny because I bought the top last time I was in and my PS commented on how cute my outfit was. She also mentioned that I should work in the store and then remembered I live 300 miles away from the nearest j.crew. Sad face.

25 February 2011

-Top: Maude
Shorts: express
Tights urban outfitters

Dog tags: my dad

Shoes forever 21

On the go. Have a good night

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a little bit preppy

sweater: forever21
belt: kenzie
jeans: express
shoes: bakers

i love the feeling of spring. perfect weather, happy people, cute clothes. 

please follow us if you read our little blog. we love to know who is reading.

what are everyone's plans this weekend? and what will you wear!?

24 February 2011


Denial, it's not just a river in Egypt. I'm in denial that it's sunny...but not really that warm outside. I totally should have worn leggings today, but like I said...denial.

shoes: gap
dress: target
cardi: j. crew
necklace: forever 21
belt: madewell (best belt i have ever owned!)

Can I just say for a quick second what made my day? Well, many things "made my day," but there was one moment in particular. I checked my personal email at work for a quick minute, and lo and behold-I won my first blog giveaway! I enter them all the time and always hope that one day I'll win! And I did! You can see the post here. Plus, if you don't read kindovermatter-it is awesome and inspirational!

a little bit country

skirt: Gap
shirt: zara

belt: kenzie

shoes: target

a year ago i went all the way to sweden. i came back with a pearlsnap denim shirt from Zara (i bought other stuff too, don't worry). only working 1/2 day today. good news of the week: my taxes are done. complete. finished. ahh...what a nice feeling. 

23 February 2011

name that decade

Has anyone ever heard of the show $%!@ My Dad Says? Okay, I've never seen it before, but I've heard about it. I should have a show and call it more appropriately "Stuff my students say..." Below are a few comments of the day on my outfit:

(circa 7:45 am) "Oh girl! Snap! You look you from the 70's!"
(circa 11:20) "Miss! You look like a Barbie Doll! I love Barbie dolls!"
(circa 2 pm) "Hey....miss...you look like old school today."
shoes: target
pants: Gap
tshirt: j. crew
cardi: nordstroms
scarf: gap (i've had it since i was in 2nd grade-is that crazy, or WHAT?!)

one of those days

frankly, i'm not obsessed 
with my outfit today.
i feel like my cardi is
kind of stretched out and it's
really annoying me.
can i just whine in this post to you?
i already am?

cardi: H&M
pants: madewell

purple top: jcpenney
necklace: gifted, j.crew

belt: j.crew outlet
shoes: nine west

it's definitely one of those days.
i need a vacation.

leah vee
shoes: nine west

shirt: target
Cardigan: forever21

pants: gap

does it feel like wednesday to everyone else? it doesn't to me. actually, i dont know what day it feels like. 

22 February 2011

sweater: gap
skirt: richard chai for target
shoes: steve madden

today a cold front is supposed to blow in--it will be in the 60s. better bundle up. jk. but i will take this opportunity to wear my boots and tights, since spring/summer is fast approaching

ug, i need a big cup of coffee for my big stack of charts i have to tackle this morning.

what gets you motivated in the morning to tackle the day? 

21 February 2011

pants: gap
sweater: loft
shirt: forever21
shoes: naturalizers

i totally forgot to put on makeup when i left for the day. totally slipped my mind. 

miraculous monday

As in "It's a miracle I actually got out of bed this morning."
I can wear jeans and a t-shirt to work tomorrow...so you won't be seeing any of that...I'm thinking of it as a "clothing holiday."



cardigan: j. crew outlet
shirt: banana repubic
skirt: j. crew
tights: we love colors (and i am in love with their tights)
boots: nordstroms


when do you officially start to
transition from one season to another?
do you judge it by the weather
or the date on the calendar?
i have to say, come march 1st,
and you'll see my wardrobe start to change.
i'll still wear the occasional fall/winter
piece to move into spring, but i guess i'm
a date on the calendar kinda girl.

pants: gap

i love this new top.
it's great for winter and to move into spring.
stripes are HUGE right now.
everyone is wearing them, yo.

even though my sam's are suede, 
i can easily find ways to wear
them into spring.
they're too cute to put away until fall!

hope you had a great weekend.
let's do this, mondey.

leah vee

18 February 2011

pants: calvin Klein
shirt: target
belt: wet seal
shoes: bakers
(at a different angle)

happy friday everyone! this week has been...well stressful..to say the least. i'm ready for it to be over with. Tonight I'm going to the aggie baseball game with my dad. I'm excited that baseball season is starting...it warms my heart.