28 December 2011

"the deer that goes aw"

when jenn and i were in the 8th grade, 
we were really strange.
we used to find humor in the most bizarre things.
but it made us "us".
(newsflash: we're still strange.)
anyway, one time, we were at a restaurant
in college station, tx.
i think it was a barbecue place.
anyway, there was a deer head mounted on the wall,
which is super common here in the lone star state.
this deer happened to slightly have his/her mouth open.
so we dubbed him/her, "the deer that goes aw!!"
we talked about it for years. it died down though.
please notice my scarf!!! thank you, santa claus!

top: anthro
pants: madewell
boots: nine west

scarf: madewell
(not online. tim, i mean santa, bought it in store.)

jenn, i hope this made you laugh.
i'll always think of you when i wear my "deer that goes aw" scarf.

leah vee


  1. Omg.i.die.

    Thanks for bringing it back. I have kinda missed "the deer that goes aw"