30 January 2012

here i am

Sorry for the lack of posting.
Life has been a little crazy lately.
By a little, I really mean a lot.
We had a really nice dinner a couple weeks ago with three other couples and had a super time.
I couldn't wait to wear my new dress from j.crew...so many ways to style this little piece.

Much love.

dress: j.crew
boots: dillards
boot socks: modcloth (ca 2008)

26 January 2012

packing up

hello friends. 
this is my life currently...
all in boxes. 

i'm moving into the city on Saturday...
if you don't remember, i currently live about 30 miles outside of Houston..
soon i will live right in the heart of the city. 
i'm so excited. 

stayed tuned. i promise i'll put cute clothes on again soon. 

leah is also moving this weekend---
wish us luck!!

see you soon!

18 January 2012

double check

Check me out.
I really liked what I saw with double layering over at Apples and Pencil Skirts.
I decided to try it out for myself with a gingham and maxi-check.
It must have been a hit because I got major compliments today.
I am just really glad I didn't layer the opposite way--navy on pink, because one of my students who is one of my favs, but so effeminate and hilarious was wearing a pretty much identical navy check shirt. You should have heard us shriek in the cafeteria when we realized we were semi-twinsies. Hopefully it never happens again.
pink check: old navy
blue check: j. crew
wool pants: j.crew
belt: j.crew

17 January 2012

new obsession

Do you read The Daybook? I think anyone would agree Sydney is mega presh.
Well, she had a little baby a couple months ago and I noticed during her pregnancy she wore tons of ponchos. I think she even wore some pre-prego. Quickly, I scoured the internet and pinterest for all things blanket-like. Did I mention I was also becoming obsessed with Navajo print? And then...I came across this baby at Old Navy. I was major disappointed when I went in the store a week after Christmas to return some sweaters, only to find disheveled items everywhere and no prize in sight. I didn't give in. I had a store credit and I vowed when I went back in a week the sweater would be there. I had to make it mine.
I went to the store on Monday. Low and behold...you'd think I had found the holy grail. And the holy grain was on sale. I searched for my size and didn't see it. But any savvy shopper knows...when the size is out, turn to the mannequin! The last one in my size was on the mannequin. It was love at first sight.
Blanket? Cardigan? Blanket-cardigan? GENIUS.


16 January 2012

a pattern a day...

checkered top: gap outlet
striped top: banana republic
jeans: nordstrom


when my cubemate kristen got to work today, she was also
wearing a checkered button down with a shirt layered on top.
before we knew it, a co-worker walked by wearing a checkered shirt.
they're quite popular these days.

apologies on the lack of posts on my part. we've had a busy few weeks.
sold a car.
bought a car.
moving...soon. (staying in TX, don't you worry.)
work is crazy...
and crazy is good.

leah vee

15 January 2012

pink tights

shirt: gap
skirt: rachel roy
tights: urban outfitters
shoes: h&m

we are headed downtown for a little triple date action. 
should be fun. 

meeting new friends...here we go!

12 January 2012

pin this

I am so psyched about the three day weekend I have coming up. Yup, that's right. I just came off a two week break and now a three day weekend. Pretty much the best job ever.
In other news, I got compared to a pinterest outfit today. As in "Your outfit looks like an outfit that I pin on pinterest but can never put together."
I'll take it as a compliment.

skirt: j.crew
sweater: banana republic
top: j.crew
sweater tights: h&m
shoes: macy's

11 January 2012


top: gap
scarf: gift by leah vee (from U.O)
pants: gap
shoes: zara

oh hello there! 
sorry for my lack of blogging. 
i'm in the process of moving to the big city (Houston-- currently living 30 miles north of Houston). 
but, we found a house (we= myself and new roommate) and now it is just up to packing and getting ready. 

Have a good day friends!

it's good to be back!

10 January 2012

no plan

I didn't plan this, but EBEW is having their black and white day!! Awesome! It was actually really weird because there were quite a few people at work decked in black and white today. Must be one of those weeks!
By the way...does anyone ever get rubbed on while wearing a fur vest? I got rubbed on a lot today. I also got asked a lot what type of fur I was wearing.
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Vest: Buckle
T: old navy
pants: LC for Kohl's (I love these knit leggings!)z
boots: steve madden

I LOVE Lesley's skirt! Old Navy Rep!

09 January 2012

it's a shirt, it's a dress.

Hello, yellow tights.
Belt, I love you.
Shirt + Dress = Love.
Smiles for everyone. Have a great week!

scarf: the limited
shirtdress: j. crew
belt: j. crew outlet
tights: we love colors
boots: dillards (similar here)

05 January 2012


shirt: gap outlet
puffer: gap
pants: madewell
boots: aldo

i love the color of this vest.
it's sort of a mauve-y pink. 
it seriously goes with everything.
i wore it all over colorado on our ski trip but 
it also works for a lighter winter, a la dallas, tx.

leah vee

road trip

My days off work are numbered and the items on my list to be done are also dwindling, so I made a trip the 80 miles north to go eat lunch with my husband. The weather here has been wacky, and it's not quite cold enough for a coat during the day, but layers are still necessary...it's a little warmer than normal. I might as well enjoy it while I can since I am sure it will be snowing before I know it. However...I got a pair of snow boots I have been pining for and I cannot wait to wear them!

I definitely neglect these jeans. They were such a fantastic find (Tory Burch-less than $60 if I remember correctly, and must be brand new) at Buffalo Exchange in Austin. I absolutely love the fit and the flare is perfect!

jeans: tory burch via buffalo exchange
tops: j.crew outlet
scarf: gifted, via francesca's (can i also mention how much i am loving this scarf! new go-to).

03 January 2012

ski trip

So remember that date I was so nervous about? 

well...things work out pretty well. 
Lee and I went to Santa Fe after Christmas to ski. 
It was beautiful and so fun. I can't wait to go again...maybe with my BHD girls. 

02 January 2012


we had a great NYE.
of course, my sis-in-law and i started our night 
with a blow out, c/o the dry bar.

lindsey getting her hairs did!
blazer & top: nordstrom
necklace: target
skirt: forever 21

tim and i at our friends erica & joaquin's NYE party.
dress: madewell (worn as a top)
skirt: anthropologie
pearls: gifted, j.crew outlet



we made sure to binge on black eyed peas.
hope you did the same.
cheers to 2012! 

leah vee

01 January 2012

cheers to the new year

I hope everyone had an awesome time ringing in the new year.
We didn't have any big plans since we were just coming off a vacation last week. Husband and I had a date night on Friday at a local wine bar, where we had dinner at watched 'The Big Lebowski.'

Yesterday night, we just went to dinner at a little Italian bistro. It was a nice, low-key and not crowded at all. Ironically, when we went to sit at the bar, there was a teacher/coach I formerly worked with who retired two years ago after 42 years of being in education.
I can't even begin to tell you how enjoyable it was catching up with him and just having a lot of good conversation between the three of us. It was a very blessed way to ring in the new year.
My mom gave us "Texas Tech-Opoly" for Christmas, and we sat down to play that and watch tv. Well, Monopoly (or any version of it...) is the longest game ever, and by 1 am we called it quits and went to bed. (Needless to say I was about to have to mortgage everything I owned anyways to pay for the space I landed on).

Happy 2012!!

shirt: old navy (score! it was on clearance, and i had my eye on the jcrew maxi-check forever, but it never went on sale before i could get my hands on it!)
cardi: j.crew
jeans: seven via buffalo exchange
flats: j.crew