31 December 2010

Ruby slippers


Dress: asos
Shoes: shoedazzle
Necklace: forever21
Bracelet: forever21

I'm currently sitting in my hotel room at the four seasons in downtown Houston. We just got done eat pizza and are watching Bette midler's las Vegas show (she is wonderful). Once I get done, we are going to head out to a concert (Warpaint). I love the idea of a new year, a new start. I hope 2011 brings us all lots of happiness! Cheers to you and cheers to me. Be safe tonight!

Very much love to all,

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Location:Milam St,Houston,United States

bhd, nye

happy new year's, y'all!

dress: accents, a local boutique
vest: forever 21
leggings: express


OTK boots: nine west

i love the back detail of this dress.

we are off to two friend's parties tonight.
i hope you have a wonderful new year's!
drink champagne, but don't you drive.
happy 2011!!!

leah vee

the long and short of it

It's getting into the single digits here. I had a ton of layers on today and busted out the full-winter gear. And took a million pictures to prove it.
If you'll excuse me, I must go change into thicker socks.
Here's to 2011!!


this coat is one of my favorite articles of clothing i OWN
coat: nordstroms, 2009
scarf: vs catalog


i'm obsessed with all italian. i saw this shirt and had to have it. even if it is a little weird.
shirt: nordstroms


skinny jeans: nordstroms
boots: zappos-steve madden



floppy hat matches scarf: vs catalog

30 December 2010


I was talking to two of my BFF co-workers this morning and told them I felt 
a bit "Pope'ish" in this top.
I have the collar pulled down a bit in the below photo,
but if I were to leave it be, it's quite Religious.

top: Zara
jeans: banana republic

belt: jcrew outlet
necklace: vintage, Christmas gift from my Mom
(Isn't this necklace perfect?? My Mom was given this necklace in the
late '60s when she was in a wedding. What a nice bridesmaid gift!)

OTK boots: nine west

leah vee

The Graduate

pants: Gap
shoes: Steve Madden

These pants are called the "Really Skinny" and yes, they are. I figured I would try them at work, they may be toooooo skinny for work (although they display them in the "work" section of Gap...and Gap knows best..or do they?). Tonight, is my sister's party for graduating from PT school! woot woot! I'm a super proud sister! Way to go Robin! Let's Celebrate!!!

On a different note, this am I'm jamming to the new Girl Talk Cd. You can get it free here. Awesome. Free GOOD music is the best.


29 December 2010

mustard seed

Hello blogland! Happy Wednesday!
It's a super blustery day here and the hubs and I had multiple things to do around town.
I also feel like I need a disclaimer: I am NOT really four feet tall. Is it just me, or do I look seriously short in some of these pictures?



I love the detail on this cardigan!


cardigan: j. crew sale rack!
top: j. crew outlet
jeans: express
boots: lucchese
scarf: old navy
coat: vs

gap should pay me for this outfit

shirt: gap
sweater: gap
jeans: wow, surprise gap!

necklace: gifted, jcrew

boots: aldo

these jeans aren't really jeans....they're really quite jegging'ish.
but i am dealing. they are tight. like conan in jeggings tight.

leah vee

hump day

sweater: forever21
top: target
pants: jag from nordstroms
boots: gianni bini
ring: jewelmint

I just got this ring in the mail yesterday. I never wear jewelry but I sometimes get in moods to try to make myself start. Maybe if I go slow this time instead of jumping into the biggest pair of earrings I can find. We will see.
This week has seemed to fly. I can't believe it is Wednesday already. What are everyone's NYE plans?

Until next time...

28 December 2010


top: banana republic
pants: madewell

i originally had my black suede wedges on this morning.
when i opened the door to go to my car, it was raining.
so i obviously had to change shoes.

so i changed to these wedges instead.
just so you're in the know and all.

leah vee

Wool pants

Top: American eagle
Pants: H&M
Shoes: nine west

I love these pants. I got them in stockholm 1 yea ago exactly. I was going to the opera that night and wanted something nicer to wear... And warm. I am in such a good mood today! What a good feeling.... I think it is bc I really like my outfit.

Love, j

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27 December 2010

these boots are made for walking

I threw together this outfit to go out and run errands so I could fully enjoy the rest of my vacation. Which hopefully that means starting tomorrow, I can sit in bed with my computer reading blogs, watching my new tv and perhaps sipping a peppermint mocha.
I was surprised to see I hadn't blogged about my boots yet--shame on me! My sweet husband got them for me in Santa Fe a couple years ago, and they are one of my favorite gifts I have ever received.




top: gap
scarf: gifted
jeans: express
boots: lucchese store, santa fe, nm (1883 collection)

Time flies

Jacket: Inc
Shirt: express
Pants: gap
Shoes: target

-Oh man it was hard to get up this morning for work. I could just sleep and sleep.... Which is what I might do when I go home from work instead of running. We will see. I wore something a little more comfortable today just to get back into the groove.

Have a happy Monday!


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not your typical mondey

i'm off work today.

shirt: gap
sweater: gap
leggings: express

scarf: madewell

OTK boots: nine west

how was your Christmas?
ours was grand.
we looked at Christmas lights, ate lots of mashed potatoes
and froze are TX behinds off up in Oklahoma.
it gets cold up there!
i saw it's supposed to be a high of 63 here in dallas on NYE.
i'll take it.

leah vee

26 December 2010

pretty in pink

We headed off to do Christmas dinner yesterday and then saw True Grit.
It was a lovely Christmas!
I still have a whole week of vacation so my posting might slow down some...I'm still looking forward to spending a lot of time in sweats and t-shirts.
No worries though-I will make up for it by posting some great outfits when I return to work. :-)




all is from j. crew except:
shoes: banana republic
shades: ray-bans
coat: vs