11 December 2011

Lyd's Anni Post

Happy Blogiversary to BHD! We are each picking a couple of our favorite outfits over the course of the year. Not going to lie, this was super tough and I am sure I left out some of my favs. For me, this blog has been about more than just the clothes. It has served as an outlet, a style diary (not that I am claiming to have style), style file, and a way of seeing how I have changed over the course of the year, blogging right through the good and the bad.
It has been so fun and I never thought I would see it grow in the way it has. Blogging about what I wear has caused me to become more budget-conscious, motivated me to put a decent outfit on in the mornings, and allowed me to evaluate clothing in a way I did not before I started blogging. Looking forward to more years at Boy Howdy Daily...

[new found love for lace/chambray]
{first time pattern mixing. gingham shirt love}
[new ways to wear a scarf]

(one of my first blog outfits)
And of course today's outfit...comes along with a funny story:
Student 1: You look like you should be playing the piano.
Student 2: ...in a church...
Student 1: Let's buy her one of those little pianos.
Student 2: Now all she needs is a Bible and she'll be complete.
[This conversation is happening in front a of a class. While I'm teaching. And I just pause to listen and think in my head, "Oh...I'll have to blog this conversation later."]

dress: modcloth
tights: forever 21
socks: modcloth
boots: dillards


  1. I love this post and everything you said. :)
    I also love the outfits you chose!!

    It's been a pleasure blogging with you my dear!

  2. They are all so cute! Congrats on your past year!

  3. Tara, Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!