26 April 2012

fly, butterfly

jacket: j.crew outlet
pants: gap
sandals: american eagle

necklace: vintage, miss b's in weatherford, texas

butterfly clip: gifted, anthropologie

my sweet friend catherine sent me two cute hair clips.
i love this butterfly one so much.

leah vee


Dress: calvin klein
scarf: gap
boots: steve madden

Jacket: gap

gUntitled Untitled Untitled

Lee and I went to see the Black Keys on Tuesday. It was so good...they are so good. It was a bit chilly out, and that goodness because I got to wear my awesome new jacket (that i got for $19 at gap).

I hope everyone has a had a good week...

23 April 2012

now you see it...

 No baby.
Big baby.
First time wearing heels in 12 weeks! It felt pretty good.
This skirt is actually a royal blue...and I love these colors.  
And what's up with the bags? I cleaned out my closet...3 bags going to be consigned or given 
to goodwill.  More room for baby!!

Peace, love and belly-


22 April 2012

pleather and lace

Untitled Untitled Untitled

dress: bar III (Macy's)
cardi: express (circa 2003)
shoes: express

Friday night Lee and I went on a little date night. 
Lee wore a suit with cuff links....swoon. 

19 April 2012

a magenta story

i bought magenta pants recently.
thanks to my stylish friend, rebecca who was
rocking this exact pair on saturday.


top: gap
pants: target
shoes: nine west

tomorrow is friday.
holy crap.

leah vee

18 April 2012

nice rainbow

I got lots of sweet comments on this dress today. One comment I never would have thought about was "Hey, nice rainbow! G-Pride" I seriously couldn't help but laugh. Speaking of laughing, my husband took me to Braum's on Sunday because I told him I wanted a banana split. (Braum's is a dairy/ice cream store in the South/Texas) Lo and behold, we get there and banana splits are ON SALE...score! He told the poor HS kid on the counter he wanted a "deluxe banana split," because that is what the picture said behind the counter. The kid stared at the picture...and stared...and kept looking at it...and then asked my husband, "Uh...do you know what goes on a deluxe banana split?" And...then I came to the rescue and told my husband and the boy he didn't know his banana splits because we just wanted the normal banana split. Have you had enough of my story yet? Then I preceded to laugh completely hysterically for at least 5 minutes. Tears and everything. I couldn't even get a grip. Y'all, pregnancy makes you cray-cray!!
dress: old navy maternity
necklace: francesca's

you don't even want to see my feet. thank you instagram.
who knows of a good open toed supportive sandal for fat, prego swollen chicks?

13 April 2012

neon, neon

any old school john mayer fans out there?
when i say old school, i mean about 2002.
his first album had a song called "neon".
i just so happened to drive a dodge neon in high school.
so that worked out rather well for me.

top: j.crew outlet
belt: ann taylor
jeans: banana republic

sandals: nine west
loving the neon trend this summer.
sign me up for orange patent any day!

any plans this weekend? we are heading to my hometown.
TX country...here we come.

leah vee

12 April 2012

a nice break

I'm playing catch up still from the four day weekend. It was amazing to just lounge around the house, catch up with friends and family, and just really kick back and enjoy four days.
If you read Leah's earlier post, I was so lucky to get to spend time with her and another lovely, Daisy. We got to go to Kendi's store and it was a fun time!

top: j.crew
skirt: bloom
shoes: gap
Ok, so I know the picture is dark. Let's just be real here. It was after 5. I'd worked all day. Be glad I even had shoes still on
Crazy though, that in 20 weeks--there will be a baby in that thing.
I'm playing catch up still from the four day weekend. It was amazing to just lounge around the house, catch up with friends and family, and just really kick back and enjoy four days. Did I do a little baby shopping? Oh yes. This will be one well-dressed little bambino.

polka, polka, polka!

as you all know by now, i'm a big fan of a colored pant.
i am also a big fan of a patterned pant:
blazer: target
top: target
shoes: nine west

i am loving these pants! can't wait to rock them all summer.
and knowing myself...all year long.

(ruby agrees.)

leah vee

08 April 2012

saturdey fun

i got to have lunch with daisy and lydia today!
it was so fun.
we walked around the mckinney square...
we had lunch at a charming place and split some chocolate cake.
we also checked out bloom, kendi's boutique.
my soul needed this day!

t-shirt: j.crew
necklace: world market
jeans: j brand 
shoes: nine west

look at that cute bump!

daisy and lydia

love y'all!

leah vee

05 April 2012

let me just tell you

I am just sitting around the house killing some time until my flight tonight to Dallas.
This might be one of the last times (hoping for at least one more!) I make it to those parts before the baby is born...which is just so crazy to even think of.
I am off Friday and Monday so it is a super exciting weekend for me to see family and FRIENDS.
I haven't done any baby shopping at all so I am hoping to look around at some places and get some things done.
We had our 4D sonogram on Monday and it is amazing to see what the baby looks like.
Happy Easter/Holiday Weekend Y'all!!


top: old navy-not maternity
skirt: gap
belt: j.crew outlet
don't judge me for not having shoes on.

I told the kids I would wear blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl...so I had to throw them off just a little bit!

02 April 2012

jean jacket

jean jacket: jcrew outlet
pants: gifted, gap
shoes: nine west

i am loving my new jean jacket.
i haven't had one of these since the mid-90s.
i may have also invested in a denim vest.
more details on that later...

leah vee

what's been up?

Oh not much going on here, just growing a baby and all.

You don't even want to know where my clothes are from...maternity clothes! BOO! Regular clothes just weren't making the cut anymore. I do have some pretty cute dresses that I will bust out soon since Old Navy was having a killer sale online.

I did read this great post at Cup of Jo on a new maternity line I'll have to check out. One thing is for sure, I'm not getting any smaller!

I had my 3D ultrasound today and we got some super sweet pics of the face. I am lucky...2nd trimester is amazing and I have been feeling a million times better--still little things here and there, but nothing major. I am SUPER excited x a million to go to Dallas this weekend to see friends and family...badly needed vacay, and my vacation days are pretty limited!


01 April 2012


top: jcp
cardigan: gap
jeans: banana republic
pug: ruby

necklace: world market
(yes, that's right! they have fantastic jewelry.)

sandals: nine west 
totally obsessed with these. i may get the orange and white, too...

it's full on summer here on april 1 in dallas.
and that's no april fool's...

leah vee