23 February 2012

bump bump

I promise not to turn all my posts into baby blogging. I might be lying a little. I just want to pretend I have a life.
Want to hear about the craziest month ever? I went from not even knowing I was pregnant a month and two days ago, to having complications, to not fitting into any of my clothes, to finding out the GENDER {still keeping it a little secret}, and in six months...I will have a little bambino on my hands.
Talk about cray-cray.
skirt: old navy
top: h&m
cardi: nordstroms
Yup. Almost 13 weeks. I've only put on 5 pounds, but thanks to my jolly green giant husband's genes, the baby is measuring about the size of a 15-16 week baby. I will have a cantaloupe on my hands in a few weeks.

A dallas kind of weekend


This past weekend, Lee and I went up to McKinney, TX to visit my dear dear Leah-Vee....
Here are just some pictures of the wonderful weekend 
(and yes, we did go to Bloom..and yes, we did meet Kendi)

Lee and his mom at the Nasher Sculpture Garden
Getting my hair done at the dry bar in plano
the boys questioned us when we told them to get us the large grey goose....
and we drank the whole thing....
Ruby, the pug. 
 Probably the person Lee was most excited to meet.

 Leah, you look presh in this picture.  
This is him, my Lee.
Remember when we were just going on our first dates? 
Myself and Matt... (right)

And naturally there was cheese (below)

Can't wait to see y'all in 1 week!!

16 February 2012

stripes and dots

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I got dressed in the dark this morning.
What I determine to be as a brown palette, was really olive and pink. Which doesn't really match with a green and orange scarf. At this point in my life, matching is the least of my worries. Less really is more I guess...I got a lot of compliments on my outfit today.
Now you see it...
Now you don't.
scarf: zara
dress: forever 21
cardi: j.crew
flats: gap

14 February 2012


Hellllo Blog!

I'm back!
I moved to the city..but have no cable/internet until Thursday- which explains my lack of posting. 
So, I'm currently sitting at my boyfriend's house, waiting on him to get home, using his internet. 
Thanks babe. 

Top: gap
pants: rachel roy
shots: shoedazzle


This weekend I'll be seeing Leah-Vee...and I'm beyond excited.
Leah and Co. are meeting the BF, and she is having a little dinner party.
 I can't wait.

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's.


big...big news.

It's been a while. The last few weeks have required me to make more life adjustments than I probably have in my entire life in such a short amount of time.
The reason for my absence?
Sometimes less is more...see for yourself.
7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks
Yup. That's no food baby. The exhaustion has literally prevented me from blogging. Literally...nothing could prepare me for this, and I had no idea it was even possible to be so tired. Figuring out how to get from couch to bed has been an agonizing decision at some points. I haven't wanted to announce it, and really wanted to wait another week before going public...but at this point, you can see it is getting pretty hard to hide. Which means I am going to have to cave soon and venture into the world of maternity fashion...and I'm not going to lie...I'm having a hard time coming to terms with having to buy maternity clothes.

It definitely hasn't been an easy road the past few weeks. We definitely were surprised, and I didn't even know until I was 8 weeks. I did have some pretty serious complications around then, so if you are a believer in the power of prayer, we will take everything we can get.
Until then...hoping my energy can stay up so I can keep on posting.

Blessed and blessings!

02 February 2012


denim top: american eagle
sweater: j.crew outlet
skirt: express

pearls: gifted, j.crew outlet

belt: the limited

you may be wondering...
where are the hardwood floors?
well kids, we traded the wood floors of our old place in dallas
to carpet in the suburbs. yes, we've moved north...
(but still in the dallas area.)
we love our new place so far! 
it's been a busy few weeks.
between this move and some BIG changes 
with my company, it's been very interesting trying to balance it all.
to top it off, we're going out of town this weekend. 
ah, life. you just can't escape it!


leah vee