31 October 2011

halloween costume

I had on my "West Texas Girl" hat today and might have gone just a little overboard on the turquoise. I'm channeling fall, and in West Texas, nothing says "Autumn" like a little extra TQ. On another note, one of the kids asked me today if I was a Pilgrim for Halloween. Middle school kids...they're so funny.

skirt: some boutique in santa fe
top/sweater: Nordstroms
boots: lucchese store, santa fe

29 October 2011

first snow

Usually the first snow is around the first or second weekend in December. Oh no, not this year. We got about 3 inches (I've heard 6, but I don't know about that for sure...) on Wednesday. It also happened to be Red Ribbon Week, and every day is a "spirit day," where you dress up for something. I happened to wear the only bright/neon item in my closet earlier that week (what are the odds?), so I dug out my second-most bright colored item so I could wear jeans. (The spirit day was "Too Bright to Do Drugs, just FYI).
this is what i woke up to on wednesday morning.
about 11 am...and still snowing. top: zara jeans: seven via buffalo exchange
necklace: francesca's
little did i know lesley was taking crazy pictures of me. i'll spare you the "detail shot."
something about the snow must make teachers a little more crazy than usual. :-)

Falling in

scarf: gifted
shift: gap
pants: gap
boots: carlos santana via marshalls
hi everyone!
long time, no post!
sorry about that. 

I'm so excited to wear my boots and scarf today-- and it be appropriate. 
It got down to 40 degrees here last night. 

i was pretty bummed about the rangers' loss last night, but i got the best news this morning that totally brought me back to reality. [i wish i could share, but not yet]
you win some and you lose some. 

have a great FALL day in whatever you may be wearing!


27 October 2011

25 ways to wear a scarf

do you ever struggle with how to wear your scarves?
this video is absolutely the answer to your scarf woes.
my co-worker shared this with me.
thanks nikki!

25 October 2011


i totally look like i'm wearing a unitard.
don't be fooled.

top: forever 21
pants: gap

necklace: miss b's in weatherford, tx

shoes: me too via dsw

bubby wanted in today's post, too.
hi tiny!

leah vee

easy breezy

I just have a feeling the rest of the week will be a breeze.
As for the weather...it could snow here tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen. It might be the last time I have bare legs for a while...

top and skirt: j. crew
shoes: target
earrings: forever 21

24 October 2011

pilgrim collar?

top: gap
jeans: nordstrom

necklace: urban outfitters

shoes: sam edelman

leah vee

Tricks, Not Treats

My phone is playing games on me. I swear I had more pics of my outfit...but I could only find one.
It's time for a new phone. My face isn't that important anyways. My head is chopped off. Just like the headless horseman. Except I'm the headless blogger. I think I've been watching too many Halloween shows.

blazer: 50 off 50 [now defunct]
top: limited
skirt: loft
shoes: macys

20 October 2011

Travel Time

I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a conference. Whenever I travel, I like to pick a good "traveling outfit" with several layers. Anyone know of anything to do in Tulsa?

Jacket: Gap
Scarf: Zara
Tee: Gap
Pants: Express
Shoes: Gap

18 October 2011


the high today in dallas was 67 degrees.
this warrants the busting out of OTK boots,
a blazer and a scarf of course.

top: gap
blazer: target
scarf: H&M
pants: gap
boots: nine west

if you don't already own a leopard something....
get out there and getcha some leopard.

leah vee

14 October 2011

navy and gold

shirt: forever21
skirt: forever21
shoes: nine west
so at midnight, i turn 27. 
i feel like everyone should wear gold on their bday. 
or at least something super flashy. 

some of my best friends are taking me out to Grimaldi's
and then hanging out around town. 
should be fun. 

have a flashy night. 

playing catch up

Whoa...it's been a week.
I am SO glad the weekend is here.
My classroom is a pretty popular place. So, when Lesley came by to snap my pic, I had a few visitors jump in also. Something to keep in mind is that we always have to do this really fast...because it is really awkward when kids might come in your room and find another teacher snapping a detail pic of the necklace you're wearing. That's just weird. And awkward. And it's probably even more weird to an adult to try and explain what's going on.

my outfit:
top: j.crew
scarf: madewell
pants: nordstrom's
cardi: j.crew
meet lindsay! isn't she cute? her skirt is from anthro. i only know because i was with her when she bought it.
and you already know lesley. she is precious as ever!
and this is beth. she had to fix the thread on my scarf.
equally as cute! i love them...they are like my support group. :-)

12 October 2011

fall break 2011

shorts: seven jeans
top: old navy
boots: zara


just a few changes around here
I got a new job, and currently taking a week off before starting the new one.
the week has consisted of hanging at my parents and family, watching baseball (go Rangers!) and just relaxing. so nice.

also, i cut about 3 inches of my hair off yesterday. i love it. 
so easy and it actually has some styling to it. 

i hope everyone is having a nice week!

as of late

top: anthro
pants: gap
boots: aldo
(i declare it bootworthy weather)


last night was tim's birthday.
this is me eating goat cheese tater tots and drinking booze.
it was a fine meal.

ruby versus a cat.
(named walter.)

an unfortunate truth, my friends.

hope things are swell!

leah vee

10 October 2011

tough mudder certified

This weekend I went down to Austin with some co-workers to participate in the Tough Mudder.
Honestly, I wasn't sure if I could finish...but I did...and it was an AMAZING experience...mentally, physically, emotionally.
It was also super fun because I got to see one of my besties Erica and watch the TTU-A&M game with her. Bonus!

As we entered TM, we see the chopper landing in case anyone gets hurt bad enough to be life-flighted to Austin (which did happen I heard, unfortunately).
Pre-race with my team. Post race. 12 miles and 28 obstacles later.
I had to figure out a really easy outfit to put on today. I am so sore. And beat up...as you can see by my busted up elbow and bruise on my arm.
Lastly...as I was running...this guy was with his team on several obstacles near me...this was the MOST inspirational, motivational, amazing thing that kept me going in my head...