29 September 2011


I am taking a 1/2 day off work tomorrow to fly to Dallas because one of my BFF's, Daisy, is getting married. So excited. I have been waiting for the weekend for what seems like forever!

hello hair flower.
top: j.crew
pants: j.crew
flower: francesca's

poof + regret = a new day

this is my yesterday:

top: anthropologie
skirt: j.crew outlet
shoes: franco sarto via dsw
i ended up regretting this top with this skirt yesterday.
it's got a lot of extra fabric in the back.
it chose to bulge here and there and poof as well.
never again.

but today is a new day!

top: anthropologie
pants: banana republic

i love this jacket. it gives you a nice waist.
it will get a lot of use during our TX fall.

leah vee

28 September 2011


shirt: target
pants: calvin klein
boots: zara

i know y'all have seen this combo on me before, the only difference is my boots.
i'm kind of in love with short boots with a fitted trouser...i think it is kinda business rocker. 

here are a couple of instagram pics: 
it rained here yesterday while I was running. 
it was a tad bit amazing.

do you have instagram? 
let's be friends....
find me: jennhobbs

24 September 2011

denim + denim = do you dare?

top: american eagle
jorts: madewell
shoes: american eagle

bracelet: banana republic outlet
watch: gifted, michael kors

belt: the limited

leah vee

23 September 2011

i'm baaaaaaack

apologies on the hiatus.
i just needed a minute.
well that and my iphone is crap.
decided not to hold out on the 5.
i may/may not regret it...

jacket: urban outfitters
jeans: madewell

pumps: nine west
literally, madewell has the best jeans for my body.
it's not easy for me to find looooong jeans.
i LOVE these.

what's going on this weekend?
we are looking into our next homeland...
times they are a changin'!

leah vee

22 September 2011


I got lots of cute compliments on this outfit today:
"You look professional from here up." [imagine a kid motioning waist up]
"You look beautiful everyday."
"You look like one of those people in a business. Like the person who is in charge."
How can you not spend each day with a grateful heart when you get to be flooded with compliments daily? :-)
skirt: h&m
top: h&m
necklace: forever 21
blazer: 50/50 dallas
shoes: gifted

20 September 2011

everybody get red hot.

Seriously y'all, this is embarrassing. I was inspired by this post on pinterest I saw a while ago.
I kept having it in my head as I was picking out clothes...need to wear this outfit...need to make this outfit...need...and then...I see this post yesterday.
It was kind of awkward when my friend Lesley walks into work today laughing at me as I stand in the front foyer. And then I ask her if she likes my outfit. But this is only after we discuss our hair and her outfit, and should she belt or not belt her top and then she says I look totally Kendi.
Well, I guess imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
leaving you with a smile!
top: forever 21
pants: gap
shoes: target
necklace: j.crew

tights again

dress: calvin klein
shoes: steve madden

I'm ready to wear tights. 
i dont care how hot it is.....
well maybe i do.....
but it is really cold in the building i work at, so i'm not worried 

Happy Tuesday!

ps. did you see my ACL post? Did anyone else make it out there?

19 September 2011

ACL/Wedding Weekend

Hello Friends--

Leah and I have been in Austin this past weekend.
# 1 Friday ACL 
#2 I went/was in a wedding for a dear dear friend of mine

Here is a little recap in photos- and there is an outfit pic

Leah and hubs, Tim <3

my outfit:
shirt: american apparel 
shorts: urban outfitters
boots: forever21

getting ready for the wedding

Congrats Sandra and Zach!
Have fun in Hawaii!

16 September 2011

my belt ruined this picture.

but i'm not going to let it ruin me! i kept looking at this picture, like what is that, my finger? and then i noticed the notch my belt was on gave me big belt overhang.
the temp has dropped here into amazing fall temps and i had a meeting so i decided to casually dress up my friday.
big weekend plans anyone?
leah v is at acl. one of my coworkers is too. muy jealous. i must prepare better next year.
i will be in austin in 3 weeks. and i am getting excited. excited and scared.
have a lovely!
top: loft
scarf: h&n
jacket: gap
jeans: tory burch via buffalo exchange
belt: madewell
earrings: forever 21
shoes: gap

15 September 2011

fashion week may be over...

I love to write about the cute/funny things my kids say to me. A couple days ago, one my students came up to me (she is from Thailand and has only been in the country a couple years-if that), and said to me "You look like a fashion show!" It took me a second to figure it out, but I thought that was pretty cute.
top: macys
cardi: nordstroms
pants: express
shoes: macys

As far as the September Spending Freeze, I am doing pretty good. I just reviewed my bank account and account on mint.com (today is payday). I did not spend much money when I was in Dallas this past weekend. I think it helps a lot when you live in a city where there is not a whole lot to do and your husband lives in another town during the week. Plus, as a teacher I only get paid one time per month so I really have to watch my spending to make my money last. I nearly caved when I was with Leah in Dallas and saw all the cute clothes they had out at Target, but she reminded me and I resisted temptation and have been good. I did go out to dinner with a friend last night, but I would have had to buy something anyways since there was no food in the house. One thing I love to do is get a pedicure every payday, but I can easily skip it this month and put that money into my savings.
I like how doing this has made me conscientious about what I need to be spending and what I need to be saving. The holidays are getting closer...which is super scary...and I will need to work on presents sooner rather than later!

13 September 2011

don't you...fuggedaboud me

so i wanted to let y'all know i have a very sick iphone.
and it only works when on a charger.
i know, i know.
major #firstworldproblems.
but i wanted to let you know about the lack of posts.
i will post at night when i can use tim's iphone.
(but i may not look as wrinkle free and smiley.)
in the meantime, apple, let's get on the release of that
glorious iphone 5, shall we??

my dad has the coolest hats.

leah vee


Long story, short...I got interviewed by a local news station today for about an hour. It was a pretty cool experience. Basically, the reason why is because they are doing a story on the state of the postal service. From the time I graduated high school until the time I got married, my father wrote me letters every week and I have hundreds of letters over the course of those years. It was really fun to talk about the letters and how much they mean to me. So, I had to pick a newsworthy outfit that hopefully I wouldn't sweat all the way through.

skirt: forever 21
top: forever 21
cardi: nordstroms

12 September 2011

Picture Day

Today was picture day at school. I haven't had my picture taken in four years and I figured it was about time.

Top: j.crew
Skirt: banana republic
Belt: j.crew
Shoes: Macy's

sorry dallas,tx

shirt: tjmaxx
shorts: gap
shoes: zara

sorry texas readers/cowboys fans/tim spencer---
i'm wore jets colors. 
i went to a jets household.
i cheered for the jets....

the jets won.

but--- the TEXANS won also!!

way to go Houston Texans!

09 September 2011

it's friday, friday

dress: vintage

lipstick: revlon color burst: candy pink
shoes: zara
nails: sally hansen salon effects

Have any of you tried these nail sticker things? Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Ahhh-mazing. seriously. 

#1 i always mess up my nail polish-- this takes NO time to dry
#2 i could never do anything like this on my own! i love them

I dont know what I'm doing tonight-- someone is just supposed to pick me up any minute.
what about y'all ? 
what's happening this weekend?