30 November 2011

anne frank-ish

I feel like Anne Frank when I wear these shoes.
Instagram hasn't been working well for me and chops my head off.
My phone is crapping out on me too. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one.
But you get the idea.
Top: Loft
Skirt: J.Crew
Tights: Banana Republic
Shoes: Forever 21

date night

 jacket: express
top: forever21
skirt: zara
tights: target
shoes: nine west

necklace: jewelmint

i'm going on a date tonight...
our 4th date actually...
i'm nervous...
so nervous that i have to consult leah about all my outfits before i walk out the door....

thanks for all your help my leeeah-vee...
you're the best. 

here i go..


yesterday's news

jeans: madewell
boots: nine west

i love this plaid top.
so great for Christmas.
speaking of Christmas, i can't stop listening to
Christmas music. all the time.
if you're ever sad, listen to Christmas music.
major mood boost!

leah vee

28 November 2011

i did not cut off all my hair...

...even though it looks that way in this picture.

sweater: gap
pants: banana republic
boots: aldo

scarf: madewell

how was your holiday weekend?
we had a great time.
we ate turkey.
we drank beer.
we attempted to tailgate.
in the frigid cold.
(which resulted in sitting inside a truck with girlfriends...
while our husbands braved the outdoors in a parking lot.)
we played with pugs.
we watched crazy, stupid, love.
and i shopped.

leah vee

wool-ly warm

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? We made the trip to Dallas and got in on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, I ended up with a 48-hour stomach bug and it was horrible! I hadn't been so sick in a long time. I guess the upside is that it wasn't during a non-holiday so I didn't have to take off work, but it is definitely a bummer being down and out on a holiday...much less a holiday that centers itself around food. My mom and I did manage to get out for a couple hours on Black Friday just to hit up a few stores later in the afternoon that weren't that crowded.
I've never owned any wool pants, but I think I have a new love. They are lined, warm, and were on sale!
blazer: h&m
top/pants/belt: j.crew outlet

24 November 2011

maroon pants

 top: zara
pants: banana republic
shoes: steve madden


First off,
Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'm so happy to be at home with my parents and family.
This evening is the A&M vs. t.u. game which is going to be here in College Station.

I decided to be festive and show my support by wearing these maroon cords.
[Sorry, Leah and Lydia.....who are Texas Tech alum and fans...we have a lot of rivalries here in Texas]
Maybe one day I'll support the red raiders....more info to come on that.

have a great holiday!

23 November 2011

thanksgiving prep

navy top: gap
denim top: american eagle
jeans: nordstrom


boots: aldo
i am so ready for Thanksgiving!
i already know which stretchy jeans i will be sporting tomorrow.
it may not show, but i like to eat!

leah vee

21 November 2011

poke uh dots

I only have one more day in the work week. Husband and I will be heading to Dallas for the holiday for a couple days. We don't have any big plans other than to spend time hanging out with family and hopefully seeing some friends. Everyone have a super week!
scarf: zara
dress: forever 21
blazer: 50 off 50 dallas, defunct
belt: nordstroms
shoes: toms

jacket: j.crew outlet
pants: gifted, gap
boots: aldo

infinity scarf: american eagle
it's a short week!!!!!!!!
boo to the ya.

leah vee

17 November 2011

birthday suit

get your mind out of the gutter.
not that kind of birthday suit!
yes, today is my birthday.
i'm the big 2-8.
pretty excited about the year to come!

top: gap outlet
sweater: fossil
jeans: madewell

basically, this sweater is my life right now.
i love it.
it's only supposed to be 71 degrees today.
but i'm still wearing it.

boots: nine west

birthday menu:
sushi for lunch.
bolsa for dinner.

leah vee

16 November 2011


a big announcement happened recently at my company.
we have new leadership. with that comes changes.
one of the more notable changes is the dress code.
we can now wear JEANS everyday if we wish.
today i'm sporting jeggings (my only pair).
they still count as jeans, i do declare.

top: j.crew factory (men's)
jeggings: gap outlet

boots: aldo

any kendi fans out there?
well, she's made a rather big debut...
on fossil.com w/ a 30/30 lookbook!
so awesome!

leah vee

15 November 2011

fall floral

well hay there.
been a while!

cardi: target
pants: gap
shoes: nine west

my absence is over.
i vow to wake up early enough to post.
fo real.

leah vee

13 November 2011


Wow...the 500th post. It has been nearly a year of blogging and it is fun to look back and see how things have changed (and our outfits!) over the last year.
Thanks for reading...it humbles me to see the followers who care enough about our lives and outfits to read this little blog daily.
Thanks for keeping up with us.
c/o the BHD girls :-)

(and what post wouldn't be complete with an outfit...duh!)

dress: loft
tights: we <3 colors
boots: madewell
headband: somewhere in austin on south congress

12 November 2011

happy happy

 shirt: forever21
shorts: gap
shoes: nine west


Tonight I'm celebrating a friend's birthday in downtown Houston!

Should be fun! 

Another positive from today : Leah Vee and I bought our tickets to Radiohead here in Houston in March. 

One more off the bucketlist. 

now, mumford and sons get your butts to h-town. 


11 November 2011


shirt: chirstian dior vintage men's shirt
pants: michael kors
shoes: zara

this is the back of my iphone---or i should say was. one day i did notice behind the cover that there was some cool design happening. then i realized that no, not a cool design, but shattered glass. 
but, i just replaced it myself. 
in your face iphone. 
in your face. 

08 November 2011

fancy fancy

I noticed instagram has new settings on it and I started playing around. They aren't the greatest pics, but they are fun and I feel so fancy. Almost like I'm using a real camera or something.
These pics are for aesthetics...just look at the pretty colors and ignore my outfit. :)
I participated in the colored tights challenge over at EBEW. It is definitely tights season and I wish I had worn leggings under this skirt. One of the kids said to me today, "Miss, you WOULD be wearing a dress when it's cold outside." Yes...gotta love fashion advice from a 13 year old!
top: h&m
cardi: gap
belt: nordstroms
skirt: macys
shoes: nordstroms

06 November 2011

i dream of...

Pinterest and Polyvore have a way of sucking me in like nothing else. Here are a few items I have been dreaming about lately for the late fall/winter...

I can't decide if I want Sorel boots or Uggs for when the weather starts getting worse here..
To cape or not to cape, that is the question!
Too short for work, but might be a cute holiday dress.

cold snap

It got especially, abnormally cold last week for October. On this particular day I wish I had snapped pictures of what other teachers at work were wearing because it seemed like everyone was wearing leggings and boots! I mean everyone! Except, if I had gone around snapping pictures of people that would have been just weird.
top and dress: j. crew
boots: madewell