31 January 2011

blue on black

top: gap
cardigan: forever 21
pants: madewell

shoes: nine west

did you watch the SAG awards last night?
i'm usually not a huge awards show
freak, but i've been getting into it
this year for some reason.
i love that ross matthews was
hosting the E! red carpet 
with giuliana rancic.
ok crap.
i need to get a life.

it's time to start off the week yet againe.
happy mondey!

leah vee
pants: jag at nordstroms
sweater: gap
boots: thrifted

i hope everyone had a good weekend. i tried to post saturday but was having some technical difficulties. this weekend i saw The King's Speech. If you haven't seen it, go..it is so good. 

have a good week lovelies. 


30 January 2011


i've been missing in action here on BHD.
i had an eeeeearly meeting friday morning
and there's no excuse for yesterday.
except maybe i didn't feel like making
my bed for a BHD post.
but my outfit was cute.
i swear.

dress: gap


boots: aldo

it is WARM today!
such a tease honestly.
the winter clothes will be
re-busted out again come tuesday.

we have something new and fun planned this week.
it shall rock.

leah vee

29 January 2011

teachers have class

No official outfit post today, I'm laying around the house feeling under the weather on this beautiful day...but I do have exciting news.
As I was reading this blog on Wednesday night, I read a post about another teacher/style blogger, who was going to do a post on teachers who have class and style. I hadn't been on the blog before, but teacher blogger Tara has a great sense of style.
I decided, what the heck-I'll submit a pic and the info and see what happens.
Tara, who writes the blog emailed me back and said the post would be Saturday...

You can visit it here!!

Have a lovely weekend!

28 January 2011

pants: calvin klein

white collar short sleeve: jcrew
cardigan: michael kors
belt: wet seal
shoes: bakers

i feel good today. probably because it is friday. does anyone have any plans this weekend? 
there were talks about going to a brewery tomorrow. sounds fun....


27 January 2011

thin mints

I could blog all day about the things my students say to me. Y'all. Seriously. They. Are. Hilarious.
I'm emphasizing it to you by typing it ridiculous like that.
The same student who said I looked like a college professor yesterday told me I didn't look like one today. I told him I felt like a thin mint. I didn't even think he would know what I meant.
He came up to me later and the day and asked me, "What kind of cookies do you want?" [He is from Thailand, so imagine it with an accent and it was even more funny. At least to ME! :-)]

necklace: bagala beads

excuse my rumpledy-ness. i had just rushed in for a quick photo op.

the pope is back in town

ah yes.
the pope shirt.
i love this top.
it's so cute and flowy and fun.
i belted it here but i have
decided to let it flow today.

top: zara
pants: madewell

necklace: american eagle
this actually came with more charms
but i felt it really took away from the cross.
so i made it my own by 
removing all but these two.

booties: steve madden

didn't you love our guest blogger yesterday?
lesley's style is totally awesome
and she really fits in here at BHD.
we look forward to more posts, lesley!

have a great thursdey, all y'all.

leah vee
shoes: sam eldman
belt: nine west
pants: calvin klein

black shirt: forever 21

i felt like being kinda plain today, but fancied things up with a pair of purple pants. i think everyone should own a basic black, white, and gray long and short sleeve shirt. they can always be worn if every in a "i dont have a shirt" crisis. i felt like i should have something else on like a sweater, but then i thought my lab jacket at work would have to do. 

love, j

26 January 2011

meet lesley.

Lesley is our guest blogger for this Wednesday! She is one of my (Lydia's) co-workers. Jenn and Leah have never met her...but if they had, they would love her! She has an awesome sense of style and is my photog. Enjoy!

Lesley writes:
I am so excited to be on Boy Howdy Daily! I read it with my daughter everyday and we adore it! I love a denim shirt and colored tights. They remind me vaguely of middle school. I also feel great wearing this skirt, it is so versatile and is reminiscent of my days working at Betsey Johnson. I think it is the ruffles. I kind of feel like a schoolgirl, which is good every now and then. I think I should have nixed the sweater though...I was just cold.
Thanks for having me!

Denim Shirt: Walmart
Skirt: J. Crew
Sweater: Eddie Bauer

Tights: Dillard's-HUE brand
Boots: Dillard's, [gifted]

the professor

I was feeling very collegiate today. Which, I thought was funny because one of my students told me today I look like a college professor and another told me I look like I belong in a private school. Aren't they so cute...


bracelet-boutique here called the wild iris
polo/sweater: ralph lauren outlet
pants: banana republic
socks: gifted
shoes: forever 21

and yes...my pants need to be hemmed.

sweater: jcrew
pants: jag at nordstroms
shoes: naturalizers

hello! sorry for the late post. i woke up late this morning. i threw together an outfit and i was out the door!

i hope you had a great day! 


jumping the gun

i feel i'm jumping the gun a tad
on spring today.
but i'm cool with it.
it's supposed to be 60 today in dallas.
so that's my excuse.
and also because i can't get enough
of my man shirt.
so comfortable and classic.

top: nautica outlet (men's)
pants: zara (just got these but can't find
them on zara's site...)


shoes: nine west

happy hump day to yoooooooou.
and many mooooooore.

leah vee

25 January 2011

off with her head

I just didn't look so good today, so just pretend there is a smiling face of me on my pictures.

necklace: express
dress: forever 21
leggings: forever 21
boots: nordstroms

checkered lurve

top: gap
skirt: zara

necklace: vintage, gifted 

belt: jcrew outlet

tights: anthropologie
boots: aldo

it's funny because if you look at the
last three pictures, they almost
look as though they fit together
like puzzle pieces of my body.
of COURSE i did that on purpose.
because i am that talented with
 my iphone pitcha takin...
it was truly a happy accident.

leah vee


shirt: Zara

pants: loft
belt: fossil

cardigan: forever21

Shoes (oxfords with a heel): naturalizers

have a good day

24 January 2011

the perfect fit

Call me lazy, but these are the only pair of pants I've ever gotten tailored. Actually, I used to have a big shopping problem at Nordstrom's. I had personal shopper. I would walk in and she would say, "Ms. [last name]! SO good to see you again. What kind of items can I pull for you?" She KNEW my sizes. She would even send me hand written notes in the mail thanking me for my business. Oh wait, I'm snapping back to reality and my whole point now...and the fact I don't live anywhere remotely close to this lovely store. Nordstrom's has excellent customer service and tailors on hand who will tailor your clothing right then and there for FREE. I mean, these pants fit me PERFECTLY. I'm really more of a dress girl, but I'll wear another pair of untailored pants soon and you can compare.

Look at the hem on those babies.
pants: nordstroms
top/sweater: [gifted] nordstrom's-i think

it's monday. i felt like getting sassy with it.