29 June 2011

top: target
pants: calvin klein
shoes: steinmart

i was so conflicted when i put this shirt on. 
belt or no belt? 

it could totally work both ways. 
then, i thought "why does everything have to be belted?"

so, no belt won. 

28 June 2011

shirt: forever21
pants: gap
belt: fossil
shoes: target

white hot

Has anyone missed me? Things have been a little crazy around here lately and the blogging has slowed down for me, but as summer school wraps up (only 2 more days!)...the fun starts to pick up. I am looking forward to several trips I have planned in July, visiting some great places, great shopping, and hopefully great outfits! (I don't know what they are yet, but I am sure they will be great.)

i am for real in love with this tank dress. i threw a cardi over it to make it more work-appropriate.

i hated these shoes at first because they tore up my heels...but now i love.
i was even making a shake for breakfast this morning and said to myself, "hey! i can see over the top of the blender!!"
cardi: nordstrom's
tank dress: forever 21
shoes: target
belt: j.crew

27 June 2011

man shirt #4

this is my 4th man shirt to own.
i kinda love them.
there are always a TON of extra smalls
at j.crew outlet in the men's section.
i highly suggest you look into it.

top: j.crew outlet (men's)
skirt: zara
belt: H&M

necklace: vintage, gifted from my Mom

shoes: franco sarto via dsw

how was your weekend?
ours was adventure filled.
fun fun.

leah vee

24 June 2011

shirt: gap
jeans: michael kors
shoes: target

necklace: anthro

i consider this necklace as "thrifted" 
originally $278.....i got it for $29

i'm happy to be going to my parents' tonight .
we are celebrating my sister-in-law's bday..and eating steak. yum.
BIG Congrats to Robin Parr (my sister) who passed her Physical therapy boards yesterday! 
I'm super proud of you!

23 June 2011


top: anthropologie
pants: madewell

i LOVE these earrings.
i got them in college at some store in lubbock.
i have no idea what it was called at this point.
i think that makes me old.
but at least my earrings are hot.

shoes: nine west

leah vee


shirt: gap
pants: calvin klein
shoes: steve madden

bracelets: forever 21
watch: fossil

i may of spoke too soon about the raining 2 days. 

happy thursday y'all!

22 June 2011

isn't it ironic

After work today, I came home and changed before meeting a friend for lunch. It's too hot in the afternoon to wear my hair down, so I threw it up into a half french braid/twist/bun combo. Funny thing is, I had some downtime and was reading my bloglovin feed and I see this post.
What I really want to know is how she gets such good pics! It was pretty much impossible for me to pick one of the five hundred terrible takes I took to post.
Anyways...here was my pre-lunch outfit.

cardi: nordstroms
dress: francescas
shoes: steve madden
i actually bought this dress a while back after they put a francesca's in the mall in amarillo.
i've been sitting on it and couldn't decide if i should return it or not...i figured there was no time like the present to try it out.

my hair is dark and it's hard to see...half braid/half twist bun.

rain rain

shirt: marshalls
skirt: gap
belt: target
shoes: steve madden

it's so funny how excited us Texans are for rain, but it is really something to rejoice about.
AND it is supposed to rain tomorrow. hallelujah!!

hopefully it will cool us off for at least a couple of days. 


blazer: anthro
top: nordstrom
pants: banana republic

necklace: gifted, j.crew

shoes: sam edelman

leah vee

21 June 2011

deliverance, and i'm not talking bout the movie.

I've been working out pretty hardcore for the last year. Some co-workers of mine asked me in January if I wanted to join their team for Tough Mudder in October. I hadn't heard of it before and it sounded intriguing. I checked it out and it sounded like a blast...so I signed up.
I'm the kind of person where I don't want to really put things out there for fear of failure or not delivering. I figured it's about the right time to put it out there...now that summer school is winding down I'm hitting up the gym even harder. Now that it's out there I'm definitely going to have to deliver...please cheer me on! :-)

cardi: j.crew
dress: target
shoes: macys
one of my new fav nail polish colors: opi moonsooner or later
bracelet stack-woot-woot!

retro jenn

jacket: forever 21
shirt: zara
pants: anthro
shoes: payless

I feel so 70's in this outfit today. 
I think reading my copy of The Shining which was printed in 1978, and listening to fleetwood mac and the eagles constantly for the last 3 days is rolling into my wardrobe.
but bring on the 70's, i'm totally digging it. 

retro jenn

[borrowing the "retro" title from mrs. leah, who has held it since 1999]

20 June 2011

the time is now.

Time flies when you're having fun. Speaking of time, if you've been reading a while, you know how I always wear my red sport watch on days I teach. It's a total necessity in my job...but I'm in the market for a cuter, everyday-type digital watch. Anyone have any suggestions?

In other news, this weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to Dallas. It was super fun, we came in Saturday, went down to Mockingbird Station on the DART Rail, watched a movie that was SO BAD we walked out along with about 20 other people, snuck into a better movie, had a great dinner, drank a lot of wine, and had too much fun.

We are looking forward to visiting our friends Kristin and Andrew in a few weeks in Minnesota, and then I am visiting one of my BFF's Erica in Austin in about a month. Needless to say, I am saving up my pretty little pennies for both trips...I can't wait!

And on another note, my friend Allison from high school has a super amazing blog. Seriously, you must read. I starting reading her blog way back when because she has always been an awesome, amazing person and I care about what is going on in her life. She is such a super charismatic and charming writer and even if I DIDN'T know her, I would love her blog anyways. I just know it.
She has tons of great posts, but I love her post today on bracelet stacking. Read!!

Here are just a couple of pics we snapped from the weekend...

this is what happens when you have too much free time on the rail.
mmmm...beer flight at b.j's brewhouse. you can't get nunya this in amarilla.
my mom gave me this awesome necklace and earring set!
i swear the angle of my mirror makes my legs look way fat.
shoes: loft
skirt: target
top: loft
earrings: gifted [mom]

i broke

so, as most of you know, we have deemed
this month to be "thrifty june" where we 
only thrift or vintage shop.
j.crew outlet broke me yesterday.
i only got a pair of shorts and a shirt 
so it wasn't a huge splurge.
we went to get Tim some new summer
clothes and i just couldn't help myself.

top: j.crew outlet
jeans: nordstrom

necklace: gifted


leah vee
(dad and I last summer)
Happy Father's Day!!!

My dad is a hero...Saving all his kids, one screw up at a time. 
Love ya dad!! Thanks for everything!