16 December 2011

leah's anni post


it's hard to believe Boy Howdy Daily is 1 year old!
when you know you have to blog your outfit, it changes a lot of things.
you care more.
you think more.
and in my case, you purchase more thoughtfully.
i don't shop just to shop.
i have to really love the item and it has to go with existing clothes i own.
BHD has such a positive impact on how i feel about myself.
to me, your outfit reflects to the outside world how your soul feels.
you should always feel good about yourself, don't you think?
so that means, dress the part!
every single day.

 blazer: j.crew outlet
scarf: nordstrom
jeans: madewell
shoes: sperry's
(only in TX could you wear a wool blazer
and sperry's one week before Christmas.)

 i love that jenn, lyd and i are on the same wavelength...
this is fun for us.
we aren't here to be the next big blogger(s).
we are just here, doing our thing.
we are living our lives and sharing our outfits with you, dear friends.
and we are going to keep doing it the same BHD way.
sweet, simple and us.

leah vee

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