30 April 2011

out of towner

We are going out of town for the weekend for the Rocky Mountain Elk Banquet...so I will be away from the blogosphere. I will come back with a full report of how it was...maybe...maybe not.
In other news, I have a little event next weekend for my
husband's work. I couldn't decide on what to wear so I let my husband pick. He decided on this dress.
I am just praying it comes in on time and fits! I don't think it has even shipped yet and I ordered it last Sunday. I got it from j.crew factory online and it went on final sale this weekend-go figure!! I am going to call them and see if they will credit me the discount...they have done it before!

Second thing...I have completely been scouring the web for the right pair of nude pumps. I couldn't find a pair I was just in love with, but I had my eye set on these heels.

What do you think people? Nude heels are all the rage for Spring! Think they'll be okay to wear with the dress or too extreme for such a demure
dress? Give me thoughts and don't hold back!
Have a lovely weekend!

29 April 2011

i wore white jeans today to honor the royal wedding

ok, ok.
maybe that was a happy accident.
but please tell me you watched it...
kate was simply gorgeous.
her dress was phenomenal.
i loved everything about their day.

cardi: forever 21
pants: nordstrom
shoes: sam edelman

necklace: forever 21

any weekend plans?
we're seeing ARCADE FIRE tomorrow.
i cannot wait!

leah vee

28 April 2011

another pattern mix

i've gone crazy with the pattern mixing!

top: old navy
cardi: forever 21
pants: gap


shoes: nine west

one week from today, we will be on a plane.
i cannot tell you how excited we are!

leah vee
sweater: express
pants: calvin klein
shoes: target

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27 April 2011

belated easter

Do you ever have one of those days where the outfit you planned on wearing didn't seem so appealing that morning? That was me this morning. Plus, I wasn't counting on forty degree temperatures outside. Here's a belated Easter post-
Easter AM
all: j.crew outlet

Easter PM
blazer: 50 of 50
top: polo
I got this belt last time I was at my fav j.crew outlet. (g-vine mills, holla!)
It is so versatile and is a new fav!
dress: calvin klein
shoes: report from dsw

sometimes you just need simple. dress, shoes, done. 
my hair is lighter--i'm still getting used to it. it is still kinda freaking me out. 

26 April 2011


First of all, I live about 5 minutes from Old Route 66. It has the BEST antique shops with reasonably priced cool, old stuff. Everywhere. Really. I can't go too often because it's hard to control myself. Anyways, there is also this really cool store called Nest (check out the blog here, it is well worth a read) and they have all KINDS of cool furniture and trinkets. I picked up these neat leather bracelets after stopping in on Saturday. Seriously, store is like an Anthropologie on crack-the creative decor in the store is absolutely amazing and I love checking out their window displays! I also picked up the headband I'm wearing but I forgot to picture it.


skirt/tank/cardi/scarf: macys
shoes: nordstroms

shirt: gap
belt: fossil
pants: gap
shoes: topshop

I'm feeling very spring today. 
i'm getting my hair cut this evening after work. any suggestions?

25 April 2011


The kids give me such a hard time when I wear these pants. I almost want to wear them everyday just so they can ask me about them. Plus, they're kind of like wearing pajama pants to work. I get comments like, "Miss, is this the 1970's?" Today, some kids asked me what they pants are called. I told them they were called "seersuckers." Kind of like "see ya-sucker!" And then, one of the kids said, "Did you get them at Sear's?" Wow...gotta love adolescents!


top: nordstroms
pants: anthropologie
necklace: forever 21
dress: francesca's
belt: kenze
shoes: target

I changed the belt out on this dress. I felt like it needed a little pazazzzz

also, the belt that came with it was fabric and all wrinkled. 

i hope everyone had a great easter weekend. i love hanging with my family. they are the best.

pattern here, pattern there

so this is my first time trying
the whole pattern mixing thang.

top: gap
skirt: gap


shoes: nine west

methinks it works.

leah vee

23 April 2011


hat: forever21
tank: jcrew
skirt: zara
boots: forever21

this was my outfit for the annual crawfish boil hosted by my sister's in-laws. 
it was fun. 
i had never eaten the much crawfish (max crawfish eaten prior:1)
very nice. 
and i snuck a britney song in there.

great friday

I'm a day late posting this, but yesterday kept me busy.
I bought this linen shirtdress on sale at Old Navy a couple weeks ago, got home, tried it on and wasn't a big fan. I sat on it for two weeks, thinking about whether I should keep it or return it.
I'm glad I kept it.


shirtdress: old navy
shoes: target

I got some new threads from LOFT last week. I was kind of hoping they'd be in for Easter, but it looks like they won't be here until Tuesday. I used the promo code TAKE40 for 40% off my whole purchase. It's good up until today!

22 April 2011

it's a man shirt kind of day

shirt: nautica outlet (men's)
pants: express

shoes: sam edelman
i love these pants. 
i got them for 6 bones (dollars) at express.
they're very railroad don't you think?
it's fridey!!!!! what are your plans?
i am going antiquing in my hometown 
with some dallas girlfriends.
i'll show them how we roll in small TX towns.
(basically how we roll is that everything closes at 5:00
and everyone eats dinner at 5:30.)
i'm on the lookout for a vintagey dresser...

leah vee

21 April 2011

woke up at 7:17 am

and my alarm went off at 5:40 am.
i am awesome at sleeping.

top: the limited
cardi: H&M
pants: banana republic

belt: j.crew

shoes: nine west

2 weeks from today, we will be flying to california.
we're flying virgin. i've heard good things.
can't wait to see the cutest twins around....
(my niece and nephew)
:) :)

leah vee

20 April 2011

saltwater taffy

I love this dress. Do you ever have clothes where every time you wear them, you get nostalgic? I wore this dress when the husband and I took our engagement pics. This pic right below doesn't quite do it justice. So I posted another at the bottom. I love modcloth and own several dresses from there. One thing I love is all the clever dress names...this one is called "saltwater taffy."
dress: modcloth
cardi: nordstroms
shoes: target
[they kill my feet, but beauty is pain, right?]

I couldn't find a pic of the whole dress. But..the colors are so springy and fun!

foals part 2

The naked and famous
the opening band was The Naked and Famous.
 They were quite good.

the lead singer girl said in the sweetest voice "we drove for 3 days in a van to get here, and it was so worth it". how freakin' sweet is that? 


the foals. 

there was dancing, moshing, and the lead singer was crowd surfing. 
i stepped back and prayed i didn't get pushed in to.