31 March 2011

hey little girl

kI had intentions of channeling Rachel from Glee. Even though she's completely annoying, there's also some enchanting, lovable quality there, and I wanted it. None of the kids knew what Glee is-that's probably a good thing. I did get lots of comments that I look like a little girl (as a compliment). Nerd is the new cool.

top: gap
skirt: j.crew
socks: welovecolors
shoes: forever 21
shirt: express
Skirt: bcbg
shoes: forever21

going to see cold war kids tonight. 

should be awesome. 

naranja part deaux

i used three different languages in this title.
i'm spechial.

orange top: polo, swapped
striped top: gap
pants: express

i'm still laughing that jenn and her fam
are going to tailgate at a tennis match.
if my car was more reliable, i would consider
driving down to CS to partake.

leah vee

30 March 2011

not jeans.

I am not wearing jeans. How would you define trousers? I'm dying to know. These are trousers. Not jeans.



top: macys
pants: express
cardi: j.crew
shoes: macys
necklace/earrings: gifted


hi all! 
shirt: target
tennis skirt: ebay

so, i sent leah this picture to show her that i finally have a cover on my iphone. i'm on my way to my tennis league match. its something i look forward to every week (that i play).

ps if you are looking for tennis clothes (whitney) that aren't ridiculously expensive, try ebay. they have good stuff and it is pretty cheap.

pss or is it pps-- anyway-- we are tailgating Texas A&M vs Texas Men's tennis April 23. If you're in college station come join. We will watch a match, I promise. It will be fun. Who tailgates for tennis? Me and my family! YES. Winner(s).  

top: kohl's (LC brand)
shoes: bakers

i feel kinda fall mix with spring in this outfit.
i got these maroon cords to wear to a&m tailgates in the fall. 
but bc it was kinda chilly yesterday (a serious 70 degrees) i decided i would bust them out for one last run in early 2011 before they get put away until fall 2011. 

tonight, i play tennis. sweet. 


i pretty much love this top.
this is another anthro piece that
 took some serious stalking.
 i find it to be more of a deep orange,
hence the title of the post. (en espanol.)
but, anthro considers it red.
i guess my color blindness could be
acting up yet again?
you tell me.

pants: zara

necklace: madewell

kicks: sam edelman

leah vee

29 March 2011

a day late and a holla short

Life has been crazy around here lately. In fact, so crazy I haven't really been on the computer in the past couple days at all. I'm a little scared to check my bloglovin' feed because I think it's going to be out of control.

dress: macy's
cardi: j. crew

excuse the crazy semi-florescent lighting.
pale is the new tan.


for the life of me, i could NOT find the
shoes i wanted to wear this morning.
this wasn't my intended outfit for today.
so i cursed (a lot), texted my husband to see
if by chance, he knew where they were. 
i decided to change since the intended outfit
completely relied on those dang shoes.
and wouldn't you know after i changed,
i found them. doesn't it always work out that way?
and what's ironic is i cropped my feet in the below pic.
you will never know what shoes i wore today.....
ah, the mysteries of life.
and fashion.

top: express
blazer: urban outfitters
pants: banana republic

necklace: j.crew, gifted

i can't keep a secret.
(i wore my trusty aldo boots.)
it was cold here today!!!!

leah vee
skirt: forever21
shoes: topshop

i like how this skirt is longer in the back than front.

necklace: homemade

how is everyone's day? mine is good. staying busy, and time is flying. 
i started watching the show Mercy last night..it makes nurses look good, and kinda crazy (which I guess we all are in a way). of course they canceled it after one season [prob bc it made nurses look good]. 

28 March 2011


our new couch has arrived!
well, sorta.
it will be here in time for belmont weekend!
which is next friday!
you ask "what is belmont weekend?"
 basically, a bunch of us friends get together
at one of the best patios in dallas and
we partake in some choice beverage(s).
it's the 3rd annual belmont weekend.
it's quite joyful.
all three BHD ladies will be in attendance.
amongst others.
we will blog our outfits, don't you worry.

top: j.crew outlet (men's)
pants: madewell

necklace: forever 21


leah vee

shirt: gap
navy pants: forever21
shoes: naturalizer 

i had some seriously crazy dreams last night. 
random people, random events, random situations.

i hope everyone has a good monday!

27 March 2011

dress: asos
similar dress
hat: forever21
shoes: topshop

I hope everyone is have a lovely, relaxing weekend. The weather is wonderful here. I did a little home shopping today, which is always fun. 

ahh, i love weekends.

26 March 2011

Well hello my weekend warriors. 

dress: Gap

necklace: Jewelmint

shoes: topshop

i'm on my way to a friend's house to have dinner with her and her husband. also, mojitos and margs.  sounds amazing.

today was great bc i booked my trip to dallas,tx to see mrs. leah vee. she is the best...except when she corrects my grammar and spelling (which she has done for the last 18 years)! jk, it is actually nice bc i've always been a terrible speller (i know she is nodding her head in agreement)

have a fantastic weekend

dress down and up

i love this skirt.
i bought it yesterday at gap outlet.
it can easily be worn to work or just like i have it today.
love. it.
especially the pockets.

top: gap
skirt: gap
shoes: sam edelman

necklace: forever 21

we are heading out for a nice little saturdey.
hitting up the best pizza in dallas...
then pillow shopping.
our new C&B couch is coming soon.
to a living room near me.

leah vee

25 March 2011

Scarf: forever21  (similar scarf)

Day 2 of Continue Education! Woo. Yesterday was pretty informative. I'll be happy to get back to north houston. So happy it is friday. 


a man's shrunken polo is a woman's treasure

tim's brand new polo recently shrunk in the washer.
i can't tell you how thrilled i was.
i didn't even act bummed for him.
(he was pretty pissed too that it no longer fit.)
but it meant a new top for yours truly.
2 polos in one week! wtf.

top: polo
jeans: william rast for target

necklace: gifted, vintage from my mom

watch: TIKKR, gifted by TX Style Council


holy moley. it is fridey.
do work son.

leah vee

24 March 2011

a request

Dear J. Crew,
I know you don't know me, but you should. You practically own me. I have one special request. Please bring back the Scout Chino. Please, please, please. I had a disaster with my washer and my other pair got bleached out. They were my favorite pants. And like I've said before, I'm not even a "pants" girl. Please, and thank you.

top: target
pants: j. crew
shoes: steve madden store