27 May 2012

get inspired.

i have decided to take a break from shopping
for the next month or so.
it's time i re-appreciated my current closet state
and practice what i always preach, "wear what you have".
i got inspired this morning and pulled out my archive
of j.crew catalogs. i started flipping through and 
bookmarking some potential outfit recreations
i plan to attempt. basically, this is the original pinterest:


i encourage you to do this the next time you
find yourself in a similar rut.
it's pretty inspiring.

how's your memorial day weekend treating you?
we've had lots of laughs, lots of beers
and lots of golf balls. (don't ask.)
on the agenda for today:
heading to tim's aunt and uncle's house for some
pool time and to celebrate his cousin's TTU graduation.
we love us some red raiders alums.

hope you're having a good one!


leah vee

21 May 2012

peace, love, ATX

we had a wedding in austin on saturday for my dear friend.
we decided to make a weekend of it.
which included....










leah vee

19 May 2012

shirt: forever 21
pants: zara
shoes: michael kors
necklace: anthro

tonight we are having a bit of a summer kick off cook out at my house. 
we have chickens and sausages to grilled, bacon wrapped jalepenos, i made potato salad , oh and don't forget the beer. 
friends will be here shortly. 
will be a nice, relaxing night...

18 May 2012

looong day and skirt.

skirt: cotton on
necklace: jcrew

Today we spent the day moving my boyfriend into a new apartment. It was a loooong day. Now, headed out to see Dave Matthew's Band with some pals! 

have a good weekend friends. 

15 May 2012

my whereabouts...


I know I haven't been super great at posting outfits...so I thought I would post some pictures from my iphone of my whereabouts.....

I will be back with an outfit post this week.....
have a good week!

14 May 2012

life lately

Life lately has consisted of lots of ice cream eating, couch sitting, baby growing, heartburn happening, stroller review reading, memorial day weekend planning, and all-in-all...not a whole lot.  In a lot of ways, I can't believe what I've become.  Stroller Reviews? Baby Blogs? I know, if you know me, then what the h?
It's also been a lot of bump watching...seeing my little bean wiggle around and knowing in 4 short months we'll get to meet him.

It started with a scarf.
Then I lost the scarf.

But wait, hold on.
No, really, wait a second.
Prego attack!
I'm too tired to make my bed, much less get out of it in the morning.  It sure does make getting back in a lot easier. Don't judge me.

01 May 2012

less is more

top: j.crew outlet
skirt: anthropologie
my mom's belt from the 80's

i love the simplicity of this outfit.
sometimes a white t-shirt is all you need.

leah vee