18 April 2012

nice rainbow

I got lots of sweet comments on this dress today. One comment I never would have thought about was "Hey, nice rainbow! G-Pride" I seriously couldn't help but laugh. Speaking of laughing, my husband took me to Braum's on Sunday because I told him I wanted a banana split. (Braum's is a dairy/ice cream store in the South/Texas) Lo and behold, we get there and banana splits are ON SALE...score! He told the poor HS kid on the counter he wanted a "deluxe banana split," because that is what the picture said behind the counter. The kid stared at the picture...and stared...and kept looking at it...and then asked my husband, "Uh...do you know what goes on a deluxe banana split?" And...then I came to the rescue and told my husband and the boy he didn't know his banana splits because we just wanted the normal banana split. Have you had enough of my story yet? Then I preceded to laugh completely hysterically for at least 5 minutes. Tears and everything. I couldn't even get a grip. Y'all, pregnancy makes you cray-cray!!
dress: old navy maternity
necklace: francesca's

you don't even want to see my feet. thank you instagram.
who knows of a good open toed supportive sandal for fat, prego swollen chicks?

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