02 April 2012

what's been up?

Oh not much going on here, just growing a baby and all.

You don't even want to know where my clothes are from...maternity clothes! BOO! Regular clothes just weren't making the cut anymore. I do have some pretty cute dresses that I will bust out soon since Old Navy was having a killer sale online.

I did read this great post at Cup of Jo on a new maternity line I'll have to check out. One thing is for sure, I'm not getting any smaller!

I had my 3D ultrasound today and we got some super sweet pics of the face. I am lucky...2nd trimester is amazing and I have been feeling a million times better--still little things here and there, but nothing major. I am SUPER excited x a million to go to Dallas this weekend to see friends and family...badly needed vacay, and my vacation days are pretty limited!


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