05 April 2012

let me just tell you

I am just sitting around the house killing some time until my flight tonight to Dallas.
This might be one of the last times (hoping for at least one more!) I make it to those parts before the baby is born...which is just so crazy to even think of.
I am off Friday and Monday so it is a super exciting weekend for me to see family and FRIENDS.
I haven't done any baby shopping at all so I am hoping to look around at some places and get some things done.
We had our 4D sonogram on Monday and it is amazing to see what the baby looks like.
Happy Easter/Holiday Weekend Y'all!!


top: old navy-not maternity
skirt: gap
belt: j.crew outlet
don't judge me for not having shoes on.

I told the kids I would wear blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl...so I had to throw them off just a little bit!

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