23 February 2012

bump bump

I promise not to turn all my posts into baby blogging. I might be lying a little. I just want to pretend I have a life.
Want to hear about the craziest month ever? I went from not even knowing I was pregnant a month and two days ago, to having complications, to not fitting into any of my clothes, to finding out the GENDER {still keeping it a little secret}, and in six months...I will have a little bambino on my hands.
Talk about cray-cray.
skirt: old navy
top: h&m
cardi: nordstroms
Yup. Almost 13 weeks. I've only put on 5 pounds, but thanks to my jolly green giant husband's genes, the baby is measuring about the size of a 15-16 week baby. I will have a cantaloupe on my hands in a few weeks.