23 February 2012

A dallas kind of weekend


This past weekend, Lee and I went up to McKinney, TX to visit my dear dear Leah-Vee....
Here are just some pictures of the wonderful weekend 
(and yes, we did go to Bloom..and yes, we did meet Kendi)

Lee and his mom at the Nasher Sculpture Garden
Getting my hair done at the dry bar in plano
the boys questioned us when we told them to get us the large grey goose....
and we drank the whole thing....
Ruby, the pug. 
 Probably the person Lee was most excited to meet.

 Leah, you look presh in this picture.  
This is him, my Lee.
Remember when we were just going on our first dates? 
Myself and Matt... (right)

And naturally there was cheese (below)

Can't wait to see y'all in 1 week!!

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  1. Wahhhh...cheese...martinis...kendi. I shed a little tear. Glad it was so fun! :-)