01 March 2012

believe me

I didn't know something the size of a peach could literally cause so much back pain. At the rate I'm going, I'll need a scooter to get me from point A to point B for the next 6 months. Other than that, I'm pretty lucky in that I have felt generally pretty good. Our monster child is growing like a weed. It's actually pretty scary when a co-worker/friend comes up to you in the hall and says, "You better pray for a c-section."
Jesus, help me.
I'm on an anti-maternity clothes ban. So far, I'm doing pretty good. Anyone you know made it through their pregnancy without buying maternity clothes?
dress: old navy (clearance...score!)
jacket: gap
boots: dillards

Blessings, y'all.


  1. They're not so bad...and your belly WILL get pretty big. I love wearing dresses (love the one you're wearing), but found that they eventually create a "tent" effect that I didn't find flattering. I love Old Navy's shirts - they have many styles that hug your belly while giving it room, and still show off the fact that the rest of your body still has a shape.

  2. awe don't let anyone scare ya! somehow it all happens and works out just fine...you look so cute!!