17 January 2012

new obsession

Do you read The Daybook? I think anyone would agree Sydney is mega presh.
Well, she had a little baby a couple months ago and I noticed during her pregnancy she wore tons of ponchos. I think she even wore some pre-prego. Quickly, I scoured the internet and pinterest for all things blanket-like. Did I mention I was also becoming obsessed with Navajo print? And then...I came across this baby at Old Navy. I was major disappointed when I went in the store a week after Christmas to return some sweaters, only to find disheveled items everywhere and no prize in sight. I didn't give in. I had a store credit and I vowed when I went back in a week the sweater would be there. I had to make it mine.
I went to the store on Monday. Low and behold...you'd think I had found the holy grail. And the holy grain was on sale. I searched for my size and didn't see it. But any savvy shopper knows...when the size is out, turn to the mannequin! The last one in my size was on the mannequin. It was love at first sight.
Blanket? Cardigan? Blanket-cardigan? GENIUS.


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