01 January 2012

cheers to the new year

I hope everyone had an awesome time ringing in the new year.
We didn't have any big plans since we were just coming off a vacation last week. Husband and I had a date night on Friday at a local wine bar, where we had dinner at watched 'The Big Lebowski.'

Yesterday night, we just went to dinner at a little Italian bistro. It was a nice, low-key and not crowded at all. Ironically, when we went to sit at the bar, there was a teacher/coach I formerly worked with who retired two years ago after 42 years of being in education.
I can't even begin to tell you how enjoyable it was catching up with him and just having a lot of good conversation between the three of us. It was a very blessed way to ring in the new year.
My mom gave us "Texas Tech-Opoly" for Christmas, and we sat down to play that and watch tv. Well, Monopoly (or any version of it...) is the longest game ever, and by 1 am we called it quits and went to bed. (Needless to say I was about to have to mortgage everything I owned anyways to pay for the space I landed on).

Happy 2012!!

shirt: old navy (score! it was on clearance, and i had my eye on the jcrew maxi-check forever, but it never went on sale before i could get my hands on it!)
cardi: j.crew
jeans: seven via buffalo exchange
flats: j.crew

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