14 October 2011

playing catch up

Whoa...it's been a week.
I am SO glad the weekend is here.
My classroom is a pretty popular place. So, when Lesley came by to snap my pic, I had a few visitors jump in also. Something to keep in mind is that we always have to do this really fast...because it is really awkward when kids might come in your room and find another teacher snapping a detail pic of the necklace you're wearing. That's just weird. And awkward. And it's probably even more weird to an adult to try and explain what's going on.

my outfit:
top: j.crew
scarf: madewell
pants: nordstrom's
cardi: j.crew
meet lindsay! isn't she cute? her skirt is from anthro. i only know because i was with her when she bought it.
and you already know lesley. she is precious as ever!
and this is beth. she had to fix the thread on my scarf.
equally as cute! i love them...they are like my support group. :-)

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