29 October 2011

first snow

Usually the first snow is around the first or second weekend in December. Oh no, not this year. We got about 3 inches (I've heard 6, but I don't know about that for sure...) on Wednesday. It also happened to be Red Ribbon Week, and every day is a "spirit day," where you dress up for something. I happened to wear the only bright/neon item in my closet earlier that week (what are the odds?), so I dug out my second-most bright colored item so I could wear jeans. (The spirit day was "Too Bright to Do Drugs, just FYI).
this is what i woke up to on wednesday morning.
about 11 am...and still snowing. top: zara jeans: seven via buffalo exchange
necklace: francesca's
little did i know lesley was taking crazy pictures of me. i'll spare you the "detail shot."
something about the snow must make teachers a little more crazy than usual. :-)

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  1. Im NOT ready for snow, thats for sure! I found you from Taras blog...new follower:) Nice to met you!

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