10 October 2011

tough mudder certified

This weekend I went down to Austin with some co-workers to participate in the Tough Mudder.
Honestly, I wasn't sure if I could finish...but I did...and it was an AMAZING experience...mentally, physically, emotionally.
It was also super fun because I got to see one of my besties Erica and watch the TTU-A&M game with her. Bonus!

As we entered TM, we see the chopper landing in case anyone gets hurt bad enough to be life-flighted to Austin (which did happen I heard, unfortunately).
Pre-race with my team. Post race. 12 miles and 28 obstacles later.
I had to figure out a really easy outfit to put on today. I am so sore. And beat up...as you can see by my busted up elbow and bruise on my arm.
Lastly...as I was running...this guy was with his team on several obstacles near me...this was the MOST inspirational, motivational, amazing thing that kept me going in my head...

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  1. Wow, that is very intense. He is very inspiring! Great job, Lyd!!