21 June 2011

retro jenn

jacket: forever 21
shirt: zara
pants: anthro
shoes: payless

I feel so 70's in this outfit today. 
I think reading my copy of The Shining which was printed in 1978, and listening to fleetwood mac and the eagles constantly for the last 3 days is rolling into my wardrobe.
but bring on the 70's, i'm totally digging it. 

retro jenn

[borrowing the "retro" title from mrs. leah, who has held it since 1999]

1 comment:

  1. i totally thought i commented on this last week! i definitely meant to. :) yes, i have held the "retro" title for many years. (to be truly retro means you have to own lime green sunglasses and weird paisley print pajamas from the 70s. and rock all of them at once at the age of 14.)