29 March 2011


for the life of me, i could NOT find the
shoes i wanted to wear this morning.
this wasn't my intended outfit for today.
so i cursed (a lot), texted my husband to see
if by chance, he knew where they were. 
i decided to change since the intended outfit
completely relied on those dang shoes.
and wouldn't you know after i changed,
i found them. doesn't it always work out that way?
and what's ironic is i cropped my feet in the below pic.
you will never know what shoes i wore today.....
ah, the mysteries of life.
and fashion.

top: express
blazer: urban outfitters
pants: banana republic

necklace: j.crew, gifted

i can't keep a secret.
(i wore my trusty aldo boots.)
it was cold here today!!!!

leah vee


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