26 March 2011

Well hello my weekend warriors. 

dress: Gap

necklace: Jewelmint

shoes: topshop

i'm on my way to a friend's house to have dinner with her and her husband. also, mojitos and margs.  sounds amazing.

today was great bc i booked my trip to dallas,tx to see mrs. leah vee. she is the best...except when she corrects my grammar and spelling (which she has done for the last 18 years)! jk, it is actually nice bc i've always been a terrible speller (i know she is nodding her head in agreement)

have a fantastic weekend


  1. I want that necklace but I can't find it on that website. help!

  2. http://www.jewelmint.com/jewelry/mosaic-dream-necklace

  3. ps please refer me so i can get a credit! thanks!