30 March 2011


hi all! 
shirt: target
tennis skirt: ebay

so, i sent leah this picture to show her that i finally have a cover on my iphone. i'm on my way to my tennis league match. its something i look forward to every week (that i play).

ps if you are looking for tennis clothes (whitney) that aren't ridiculously expensive, try ebay. they have good stuff and it is pretty cheap.

pss or is it pps-- anyway-- we are tailgating Texas A&M vs Texas Men's tennis April 23. If you're in college station come join. We will watch a match, I promise. It will be fun. Who tailgates for tennis? Me and my family! YES. Winner(s).  


  1. i am literally laughing out loud at the thought of the hobbs crew tailgating for a tennis match. love you people!!! haha

  2. Well, I love this and I wish I lived closer. I need psycho tennis fans to hang with! Good luck at your tennis league! Thanks for the ebay tip!