07 December 2011

it's called tartan

While in the middle of teaching today, one of my kids raises his hand and goes, "Miss, you look like one of those models off the Hollister bags." So, of course then we all start to laugh about it and then he goes on to talk about how I must read the fashion blogs. I'm like, "Honey, if you only knew!" Then, I preceded to teach the class that this type of plaid was called tartan plaid, and they all looked at me in amazement for knowing that there are actually types of plaid. I just wore this shirt the other night, and I am already thinking of ways to wear it over and over.
Did I mention I bought this shirt in a large not even caring that it "might" not fit? It was calling my name in the store and I had to have it.

shirt: j.crew
belt: madewell
skirt: loft
boots: nordstrom's


  1. I love this shirt too! I wore it to school last week and one of my students was wearing a similar shirt. I asked him if he knew what type of plaid it was and he said no. When I told him, he looked at me like I was crazy for knowing! Can't wait to see how else you style it. I'm thinking about wearing it again tomorrow!

  2. Seriously. Don't be surprised if I wear it again NEXT week. I have many ideas for it! :-)