08 November 2011

fancy fancy

I noticed instagram has new settings on it and I started playing around. They aren't the greatest pics, but they are fun and I feel so fancy. Almost like I'm using a real camera or something.
These pics are for aesthetics...just look at the pretty colors and ignore my outfit. :)
I participated in the colored tights challenge over at EBEW. It is definitely tights season and I wish I had worn leggings under this skirt. One of the kids said to me today, "Miss, you WOULD be wearing a dress when it's cold outside." Yes...gotta love fashion advice from a 13 year old!
top: h&m
cardi: gap
belt: nordstroms
skirt: macys
shoes: nordstroms

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog! I found it via Tara's "teachers" post. It's nice to hear that kids in Texas use "Miss" as well. My teacher friends in Oregon looked as me as if I was crazy when I asked them if they say their whole name :)