06 September 2011

ssf and other things.

You should know I am participating in the September Spending Freeze over at my friend Allison's blog. You can read about it here. I have never considered myself a big spender, but with my husband and I paying two rents every month, we definitely have to keep a tight budget. I am also pretty lucky to live in a town that is pretty removed from good shopping so my temptations are also fairly limited. If you go and read her rules, the one that is definitely hardest for me is the "no eating out." I do LOVE to cook, and cook a lot...but when husband is home on the weekends, we definitely like to go out to eat. So, which brings me to a question I'm curious about-how many of you out there that are married have joint bank accounts? It seems like it's pretty split between our friends...but I'm still curious!

So far I'm doing good...no money spent except on necessary bills! However, I am going to Dallas this weekend for a wedding shower/bachelorette party and the damage might not be pretty. Maybe I'll leave the credit card at home and cash only!

dress:forever 21
tights: we love colors
boots: nordstroms
see that cardi in the background? pretend i'm wearing it. j.crew
this isn't my necklace. but i like it and want to steal it right off my friend lesley's neck. watch out lesley.

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  1. Love the outfit and LOVE the SSF participation. You can rock it out girl, I know it! :)