07 September 2011

i double dog dare you...

...to wear white after Labor Day.
in fact, i plan to wear my white skinny jeans
well into fall and (GASP) even into winter.
who cares people say you can't wear white after Labor Day.
just do it!
(this is me clearly peer pressuring you.)

denim top: j.crew outlet
blazer: H&M
jeans: nordstrom
shoes: american eagle


i love the print on the interior of this blazer.
good job, H&M.

i want to give a big shout out to dry bar dallas.
i got my hair did last night for our anniversary dinner.
they did an amazing job!
and i had a glass of bubbly at the same time!
it was glorious.
if you're in dallas (or LA, San Fran, Scottsdale, San Diego, NYC)
definitely go treat yourself.

leah vee


  1. looks beautiful. i completely forgot about you going to the blow..i mean dry bar (a little inside joke readers)-- i was like man her hair looks good--

    ps. sport those white pants.

  2. hahahhaha yes love that blow..i mean dry bar.