08 June 2011

black and turq

I have a confession. I don't know what the deal is, but I can't bring myself to put makeup on in the morning. I know this probably isn't something I should admit to, but I just can't do it! I haven't worn make up in probably a month. And in months previous, I maybe wear it less than 5 times a month. I can't bring myself to do it! Does anyone else have this problem? I do have to say this..as a middle school teacher, I was also a coach for five years. I'm going to tell a little story.

The girls I teach and coached were really big on wearing makeup. As in way too much make up it looked like...hideous. I had told a group of girls last year how much prettier they looked without all the caked on makeup. I noticed one of those girls this year never wearing makeup and she always looked beautiful and I made sure to tell her.
One day after a class, I went back in my room and I had a letter on my desk. She wrote me a note thanking me for being the best teacher/coach and how I taught her how she doesn't have to wear makeup to be beautiful and she doesn't need a guy to get attention.
I was so flattered. It's such a great thing to realize you had an impact on someone.

top: forever 21
skirt: gap
shoes: target
earrings/necklace: anthro/sam moon


  1. Girls do wear a lot of make up these days. I wasn't even allowed to wear real make up (my mom let me wear "almost make up" from clinque) until I was in 10th grade or something. I def. don't wear a lot now. I'm glad you are inspiring girls to let their natural beauty shine--I mean you only have young skin once, might as well flaunt it. [I will try to do the same with the girls I see in the clinic]

  2. it is insane! i don't understand why some of the girls i teach wear SO much. actually i do. they see it at home and on tv and think they need it to be pretty and it makes me so sad. i have even seen some 6th graders caking the makeup on! i am starting the anti-makeup movement next year! embrace yourself, lol!