09 June 2011

yesterday was a doozie.
we were slow at the clinic. 
i got asked out by an older patient. 
a patient stormed out on me.
and i didn't get done with all my activities until 7:30.

today will be good, though. i know it.
this evening i'll go to my aunt and uncle's, who live about 20 minutes west of where i work, and swim.
Thursday nights they have little mini pool parties. This time, though, my family from college station (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and doggie-niece will be there). I also have two pre-teen cousins. I always try to encourage them to be themselves. I kinda wish i was more of an independent thinker when I was in high school. I always tried to fit in with my clothing, but I never real fit in. It was so important to me then, but it doesn't even matter now. Kinda funny how that works. 

What do you wish you would of know in high school that you know now? 


  1. i also wanted to fit in via my clothes. i think in jr high/high school, you're really judged based on your clothes. especially the "brand" you're wearing. who cares! :)

    i also wanted to point out i too said "doozie" in my post but i wrote it before reading yours. MIND MELD.

  2. You Know What! I wish I didn't feel the need to change my accent in order to fit in. I wish I had kept my Indian accent and hadn't practiced to americanize it so that I could 'fit' in - mind you - which I never did anyways. And yes I am guilty of the clothes deal too. Instead of buying what I liked - buying what my friends would approve of and ofcourse what my mother would disapprove of. :) Fun to look back now.

  3. amen to that sister! i was a weirdo...i always wore the craziest crap though...i had leather pants in like 10th grade.

    i love how we're getting all philosophical!

  4. p.s. i thought leah wrote doozie because you wrote doozie.

    you doozies.

  5. haha! i must have missed the "philosophical on BHD" day. doozie was as emotional as i got.