02 May 2011

3 more mondays

I totally love my job. It is crazy for me to think there are only 3 more Mondays until the end of the school year...and then summer school starts. Woo-hoo! If you read my earlier post, my husband and I drove 4 hours south this weekend to the Rocky Mountain Elk Banquet (it is a group that is about conserving the elk population). Anyways, we had a great time and a lovely dinner. Here are some pics from what I wore:

It was so warm and BRIGHT. I was loving it. I couldn't even look at my husband, the sun was shining right in my face!
dress: macys (firela.com-one of my fav clothing brands!)
shoes: nordstroms
belt: nordstroms
necklace: borrowed
clutch: madewell (which i later accidentally spilled a vodka martini on. ugh!)


  1. i've fallen in love with that clutch.

  2. Love the dress, love the clutch. You look so cute!!

  3. i am obsessed with the clutch. only the bare essentials! thanks for the compliments y'all!!