03 May 2011

my feet will no doubt freeze today

we have an issue.
a lack of closet space issue.
so much so, that all of my fall/winter
clothes currently reside at my parents house.
same with tim's clothes.
so, when the TX weather decided to get
tricky on me, i have to get pretty creative
in order to stay warm and somewhat spring'ish.
here is day 2 of that:

blazer: urban outfitters
pants: gap

scarf: gifted, pier 1

flower print from my blazer.

i'm not giving you a shoe shot today
as my feet are probably blue by now
from the frostbite. ok that's dramatic.
but it IS cold!
oh and i have NO coat at all!

leah vee

1 comment:

  1. oh no!!! it will warm up today tho. You look cute. I love that blazer!