30 May 2011

summer loving

The regular school year is over for me and summer school starts on Tuesday. I am always excited to do something different than what I do during the regular year! I wanted to share some of these pretties I have been eying lately.

Michael Kors Watch (pic courtesy of Joy B :-))
I loveee this blazer, but unless the price comes down I might have to settle for the shirt. What would you do, splurge or settle for less?


  1. I've been lusting over that madras shirt since it first appeared in their catalog! Ah! It's even pricey for me - so I say go for the shirt - you can wear it all the time (warm, cool, etc.) whereas the blazer would be a bit much in the heat! But I love them both!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  2. Lydia! I love everything on your wish list...makes me ready for summer!