23 May 2011

teach by week to cowboy chic

I always find it interesting to see how bloggers live their lives outside of blogging. For me, I grew up in Dallas but moved to West Texas in college and have lived here almost ever since.
It was a major change of pace at first, but I've grown accustomed to and love the lifestyle here.
This weekend my husband and I went to see our lovely friends Kelley and Tyler and help with their annual branding.
So...by week I look like this.
[teacher clothes]
top: j.crew tissue
jeans: j.crew matchstick
shoes: loft
necklace: target
bracelets: chico's and gifted

[this weekend: cowboy chic]


1 comment:

  1. LOVE the blog! LOVE the post. I hate to admit it but I might be addicted after reviewing – you are all so cute! Hope this finds out on a wonderful note – school it out!! But wait, that doesn’t mean much for you since you will be doing summer school. Anyway, I will be stopping in occasionally to creep you cute gals. Lots of love - Kelley