23 February 2011

name that decade

Has anyone ever heard of the show $%!@ My Dad Says? Okay, I've never seen it before, but I've heard about it. I should have a show and call it more appropriately "Stuff my students say..." Below are a few comments of the day on my outfit:

(circa 7:45 am) "Oh girl! Snap! You look you from the 70's!"
(circa 11:20) "Miss! You look like a Barbie Doll! I love Barbie dolls!"
(circa 2 pm) "Hey....miss...you look like old school today."
shoes: target
pants: Gap
tshirt: j. crew
cardi: nordstroms
scarf: gap (i've had it since i was in 2nd grade-is that crazy, or WHAT?!)


  1. "Girl, you look so cute and retro today!" (circa 7:00 PST). Love it! I can't believe you've had that scarf since second grade!!