06 January 2011


I was so excited to wear my new threads to work! I had to limit myself and only put on 3 of the 7 new items I purchased. My lovely little photog Lesley came down to take my pics and we did a sitting down photo. It wasn't until I got home and realized you can't really see my outfit. Oh well, she's the greatest anyways! She made sure to get a pic of my boots (Merry Christmas to me) and detail!


speaking of watches...if you read leah's post...and you are an avid BHD reader...you might wonder why I'm always wearing the red sports watch. It's because my life is dictated by staying on time and bells and staying on time is critical to my job, hence the "sporty" digital watch. Purchased at Nike Online, if you must know.


tee: j. crew
cardigan: madewell
belt: j. crew
jeggings: madewell


boots: madewell


necklace: forever 21


purse: bartered (fossil)

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