05 January 2011

5 minute outfit

Story 1: Right as I walk into work today, one of my coworkers sees me in the hall and goes, "Hey [insert my last name here], you gotta stop dressing up everyday! You're making me feel guilty!" I haven't known this coworker that long, but he is quite the comedian and has a good personality that I can joke with. I'm like "Dude, this is normal! I have to look sharp everyday!"
To which he replies, "You gotta dress for the job you want, not the job you have!"
Love it!!

Story 2: I'm walking down the same hall a little later and another coworker says, "Hey [insert my last name here], you must have gotten a lot of new clothes for Christmas! You're looking cute!" Super nice compliment. Not new clothes. Ha!


Story 3: I seriously pulled this outfit out of my closet in less than 5 minutes. I knew I wanted to wear the dress and threw all the other stuff together. Apparently, it was a successful outfit. So successful in fact, I rushed home to take it off. I ordered some items from Madewell's killer sale, they took over two weeks to get here and finally arrived today. I immediately began trying things on...and then realized I forgot to take my other pics of my outfit. I know you'll forgive me. :-)

dress: nordstroms
cardigan: j. crew
belt: madewell
tights/socks: target
boots: nordstroms

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