13 January 2013

work-life balance

by no means am i an expert on finding work-life balance, but i will say it is one of the biggest challenges working outside the home and being a new mom.  my husband also works/lives out of town, so the biggest adjustment is finding ways to balance the load of home and work duties.

i am definitely a type-a personality, but i do have some type b traits thrown in.  i have to be highly organized (key to finding work-life balance and solo motherhood), but at the same time i don't find that i get major-stressed out very easily.  

i started the little one on a modified schedule at 6 weeks old, since i was going back to work when he was 8 weeks.  i was in a panic about getting him to sleep through the night and returning to work in a comatose state. i had read it takes 3 days/nights for babies to adapt to routine, so i was adamant i start a routine and stick with it. i read on a blog about "solo mamas," basically mamas whose spouses' work or live away from home during the week, yet still have the benefit of two incomes. 

luckily, i have an extremely laid back baby who hardly ever melts down and has an easygoing attitude. there are very, very few places i have ever brought him where he has even cried in public, and much of it i think has to do with getting him in a routine and on a schedule.  in upcoming posts, i'll be talking about what a regular day is like for us. (a solo mama and almost-5 month old)

stay tuned for part two!

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