18 January 2013

work-life balance part 2

In this post, I wrote a little bit about what it is like being a solo mama and working full time, while balancing work and life can be a big adjustment.  I thought one day this week I would just keep a mental log of what a typical day is like for me. i use typical liberally...there are no typical days anymore, ha!!

0445 am: i hear the baby, and i roll over and go back to sleep and so does he. eventually.
0530am: hear baby again.  i get up, feed him, and hold him until 0550.
0550am: i start getting ready for work [essential part: must get ready before baby gets up, otherwise the day has gone to crap and it hasn't even started yet--even at risk of being spit up on with work clothes on!], have a cup of coffee and eat breakfast, do dishes from last night [i save this for last if i can so if i wake him up it isn't a big deal...the joys of having a small home], double check my work bag to make sure i have everything i need, and double check his daycare bag, and load the bags in the car.

if i forget something there is no going back home to get it since i can't be late to work [nothing like 30 kids waiting at your door every morning for you!]

0645am: get the baby up, feed him, change him, dress him, smile at him...load him in the carseat and head out by 0700a.

0712a: it takes 12-15 minutes to get to daycare each morning.  if i hit the wrong minute, it can take an extra 5 minutes. i wait in the car and feed the baby until they open at 0730.

0730a: go into daycare, catch up with his caretaker on his new schedule and rush out the door [i.e., literally run] to get to work barely on time.
0745a: pull into the work parking lot, run in.
0745a-0445p leave work and head to daycare to pick up the little man
0505p: arrive at daycare, run in and get him because i'm so excited to see his face.
0525p: arrive home, feed him, pick up the house, load the dishwasher.
0600p: cook dinner [taos soup]
0630p: eat
0645p: surprise! baby starts throwing up. [like i said, anything but typical day] i have a friend who is supposed to show up at my house any second and i'm covered shoulders down in baby vomit.
0700p: my friend shows up. helps me out and watches baby while i clean up messes and clean myself up. i put the baby down, and he throws up again. clean and repeat. he goes to sleep.
we chat and catch up until 9.
0900: friend leaves.  i do laundry, start dishwasher, double check bags, get clothes out for tomorrow.
1000p: in bed and out cold. 

i am blessed in so many ways that i can't even count! i'm able to solo mama with sanity because i have a great network/support system and i've worked out a schedule and routine that works for us. i was also talking to another mom at daycare today who has a 5 month old and 2 year old and neither one sleeps through the night. lucky and love my little man!

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