14 May 2012

life lately

Life lately has consisted of lots of ice cream eating, couch sitting, baby growing, heartburn happening, stroller review reading, memorial day weekend planning, and all-in-all...not a whole lot.  In a lot of ways, I can't believe what I've become.  Stroller Reviews? Baby Blogs? I know, if you know me, then what the h?
It's also been a lot of bump watching...seeing my little bean wiggle around and knowing in 4 short months we'll get to meet him.

It started with a scarf.
Then I lost the scarf.

But wait, hold on.
No, really, wait a second.
Prego attack!
I'm too tired to make my bed, much less get out of it in the morning.  It sure does make getting back in a lot easier. Don't judge me.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. No one knows whether my bed is made or not, and I won't see it again until time to get in. So why bother making it?